Transgender Providence Student On Puberty Blockers And Activist “Reporter” Organize Mob To Harass And Threaten Veteran Teacher For Opposing Genital Mutilation And Critical Race Theory In Schools 


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Watch our interview with Ramona Bessinger (8-minute mark)


This is Ramona Bessinger, a teacher at Classical High School in Providence.

Ramona made national news last year when she was punished for exposing her former middle school’s curriculum, that was teaching the kids critical race theory and pushing transgenderism on them. She wrote a series of blog posts about it for Legal Insurrection and eventually caught Tucker Carlson’s attention.


It began in July of 2021 with this blog post, blowing the whistle on what was being taught in the middle school where she was teaching at the time. Her reasoning was perfectly reasonable:

We did not need a new curriculum for students to learn about slavery and racism. We already did that, in great depth, relying in part on the writings of great African-American authors. American history now is being retold exclusively from the perspective of oppressed peoples during the Revolutionary period through to the Civil War, and also in the literature of the Civil Rights movement. From my position in the classroom, it seemed that much of American history and literature was getting wiped out. No one of these new books, standing alone, would be problematic, it’s the new lack of diversity of perspective that is the problem.

Missing from our curriculum during the 2020/ 21 school year was the diversity, perspective, truth, and rigor that previously were taught. Previously vetted books were removed from our classroom and sent to recycling.  Gone was the diverse collection of American and World Literature: House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, James Baldwin Go Tell It On The Mountain, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, essays by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., poetry by Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Anne Frank, NightThe Boy In The Striped PajamasMacbeth, Walt Whitman, The Salem Witch Trials, The Crucible , Holocaust studies, world genocide, world art, universal themes, universal characters and any book or short story from the literary cannon.

The pro-CRT brigade will tell you that anti-CRT advocates want to pretend slavery next existed and refuse to teach about racism or anything that made America look bad. But I taught history for 11 years, and I can assure we already are teaching the things that made America look bad. It took me 4 weeks to get through the Civil Rights movement, and the kids found it fascinating. Every unit I taught mentioned the racial undertones of that era. Some New Deal programs discriminated against black people. The army was racially segregated during WW2. Marcus Garvey started a “back to Africa” movement in the 1920’s. Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois, Ida B. Wells, A. Phillip Randolph – the list of influential black Americans and their contributions towards civil rights goes on and on. Obviously you cannot teach about civil rights unless you explain that our country had no shortage of racially discriminatory policies.

The anti-CRT movement doesn’t want to pretend slavery or segregation never happened. We just don’t want to train students to believe that they are oppressed or oppressors based on the color of their skin. We don’t want racial segregation in schools, which is exactly what pro-CRT forces have been doing. Here’s an email Ramona received from the district offering a professional development course for white teachers only called “white identifying educator affinity group,” where they learn about the evils of “whiteness.”

These trainings are taught so that teachers can adjust the way they teach in the classroom. They’re not just trying to brainwash teachers, they’re trying to do it to students too.

By all accounts Ramona Bessinger looks like a good teacher, and she has been one for more than 20 years. Pictures from her classroom clearly show that she’s not ignoring racism.

But she was exposing racism in the schools, so she had to be destroyed.

One day while she was absent students decorated her white board, demanding she be fired and calling her a bitch, which they posted to Twitter.

The school did nothing to protect her from this. Instead they allowed students to harass and intimidate a teacher, as schools so often do nowadays.

But why wouldn’t they her students say these things? Look at what the adults around them do on a regular basis. Two weeks ago a mob led by elected officials showed up at the Cranston Library to protest because there were people inside who didn’t think doctors should be able to castrate children. Kids are being taught that they are supposed to try to silence anyone they disagree with and treat like subhuman monsters.

Initially the district didn’t know what to do with her. Ramona has the First Amendment right to express her political viewpoints on matters of public concern on social media. But since conservative opinions have now been labeled as “dangerous,” “offensive,” and “hate speech,” this upset the teacher’s union and activist students who’ve been brainwashed by them. So they stuck her in a windowless basement purgatory while they tried to find a way to fire her. Unfortunately for the district their legal counsel likely told them that any attempt to punish her for her political speech outside of school is a 1A violation, so this year she got an actual classroom at Classical to teach out of.


Ramona Bessigner, who has children of her own in the North Kingstown Public Schools, doesn’t hide her personal beliefs on social media. Her wide open pages show that she shares viewpoints that millions of conservatives agree with, all of which would’ve been labeled common sense 8 years ago.


Principal Scott Barr asked her to start tweeting more positive things.

This is typical of school administrators. If they had any sort of convictions they would tell concerned parents or students that Ramona Bessinger is a free person living in a free country, and she has every right to her opinions outside of school. In this world you have to interact with people you don’t agree with, and none of us has the right to demand that another person stop expressing their political opinions online.

But telling children that requires balls, and people like Scott Barr simply don’t have it in them to stand up the bratty teenagers they see every day.


Last week students announced on various social media platforms that they were organizing a walkout to protest the existence of one of the teachers at their high school because they didn’t agree with her opinions. They flat out stated in several of their postings that administration wouldn’t dare suspend them for doing so.


On Friday a bunch of students led by a “transgender” boy with long hair named Damon Drury walked out, disrupted the school while other kids were trying to learn, and administrators stood there and watched.

And why wouldn’t they walk out? They know there won’t be any punishment for doing that. You’re allowed to skip school if you’re “protesting” for a pre-approved communist cause, like silencing dissenting opinions, “systemic racism,” and especially climate change. If this many students walked out of school and disrupted the learning environment in order to specifically target a leftist teacher for posting on Twitter that there 89 genders, then every kid who participated would be expelled.

According to Rhode Island general laws 16-2-17 right to safe school:

“Each student, staff member, teacher, and administrator has a right to attend and/or work at a school which is safe and secure, and which is conducive to learning, and which is free from the threat, actual or implied, of physical harm by a disruptive student. A disruptive student is a person who is subject to compulsory school attendance, who exhibits persistent conduct which substantially impedes the ability of other students to learn, or otherwise substantially interferes with the rights stated above, and who has failed to respond to corrective and rehabilitative measures presented by staff, teachers, or administrators”

By standing outside of classrooms and yelling into a megaphone these students have denied Ramona Bessinger her right to work in a place that is conducive to learning. More than anything though, this is organized bullying. Schools have emphasized anti-bullying curriculums for years because of the effect it can have on people’s mental health. Yet here they are, allowing children to come together in groups to specifically target a teacher by name, smear her, and demand that she be fired.

Videos of the protest show that these protests are in violation of RIGL right to a safe school. Here is Damon Drury marching the mob and parading outside the school. You can see open windows and kids looking out of them, so the disruption it caused was obvious.

“These racist ass teacher we don’t need em.”

Why are the Providence schools allowing students to call a teacher extremely damaging and harmful names like this?

Drury, who is an aspiring transgender model, also leads students in a chant of “boots are on the ground, we’re here to shut this shit down.”

That is an admittance that the purpose of this protest is to “shut down” the learning at Classical High School until the teacher they are bullying is deprived of her livelihood.

Another student starts reading unverified anecdotes from other kids off her phone which allege that Ramona Bessinger is racist without any evidence. At the 40 second mark of this video that student yells into the megaphone that Bessinger is a “racist bitch.”

The fact that so many of these children are wearing masks outside really tells me everything I need to know about them.

They’re followers of whatever the latest thing is. These are young people who have a better chance of being struck by lightning than they do of dying from COVID. They’ve just been taught that wearing a mask makes them good person, so they don’t question anything. In much the same way they don’t question if Ramona Bessinger may in fact not be racist. They just see other kids calling her racist and get in line because they’ve been taught that conformity is the best way to thrive and survive.

Drury is a young man who loves to get in line with whatever the newest thing is. Two years ago he was arrested as a 15 year old during the George Floyd riots. He is a regular contributor to a communist website called Uprise Rhode Island, and published this op-ed last week about Bessinger:

An important idea to discuss when it comes to the issue of students having to share a building with teachers that hold beliefs antithetical to their own well-being, right to happiness, and self-expression, is responsibility.

Having to share a building means both parties have to respect the opinions of the other. Ramona Bessinger isn’t trying to ban these students from the school for being communists, but they are trying to ban her for being anti-communist.

Bessinger is also vocal on social media about her opinions regarding the discussion of queer identities in schools. She has criticized pronoun use – no doubt forgetting that everyone and everything uses pronouns – and believes students should use the bathrooms corresponding to their assigned sex at birth: regardless of any discontinuity between that and their gender identity

Oh no! She believes that boys shouldn’t be able to use the girl’s locker!? She believes that girls who don’t feel comfortable changing in front of biological boys have a right to object to this? How will Damon be allowed to carry on the delusion that he’s a girl if he’s forced to use the boy’s room? He takes puberty blockers! That means he’s a girl now!

Damon appears to be a theater student, and is clearly gay. That’s great. But transgenderism erases homosexuality. If Damon is suddenly a girl, but he’s still attracted to boys, that would make him/her just another heterosexual white girl. They say that “trans woman are women,” which means there’s no such thing as a trans woman at all. Damon is just a basic white girl who’s into boys. His homosexuality has been erased by him.

In this video they continue to read Bessigner’s common sense tweets as students boo and demand she be fired for having opinions they don’t agree with. At the 1:40 mark Drury takes the megaphone from the girl, who he’s almost a full foot taller than, and proudly announces that he’s on hormone blockers. He goes on to say that it’s child abuse for girls to have their periods once a month or for him to have testosterone in his body. He then accuses Bessinger of child abuse for exposing them to “racist abuse,” before leading the students in a chant of “Shit’s f***ed up, shit’s f***ed up, shit’s f***ed up and bullshit.”

They’ve been trained like good little communists – unable to articulate any viewpoints without involving some sort of chant or vulgarity.

The next video shows obvious bullying, as hundreds of students read Bessigner’s concerns for her safety, and laugh at and mock them. Drury encourages students to harass Bessinger on Twitter because he was blocked by her, and later tells them that “if no one shows up to Bessinger’s class then she’s not teaching anyone.” Principal Barr does nothing but look on in the background.



As a result Bessinger’s Twitter feed is littered with harassing messages from students and adults in the community, including politicians like twerking groomer State Senator Tiara Mack, and a State Rep/teacher who previously was investigated for telling his students that rich people aren’t allowed to purchase media platforms.



She’s also being trolled by failed State Senate candidate Mel Dupont, who said that “your religion is trash” if you believe in the biological reality that people are either male or female, and that you cannot change that.

Hey Mel, isn’t there a shot put or a discus you should be throwing somewhere? My religion is science, and the science tells me that there is XX and XY, and people like Damon Drury are XY. You also lost your Senate race in the same state where Tiara Mack got elected, so pretty much everyone with a brain considers you to be a joke.

This is what one of these things typically looks like:

This pots and pansexual also has been sharing Monica Cannon-Grant’s fundraiser.

Which tells us about everything we need to know about they/them.

Ramona Bessinger claims that her colleagues at Classical encouraged the protest against her, calling them thugs.

Of course these very silly and mediocre students believed she was calling them thugs, because reading comprehension isn’t taught in CRT.

I haven’t seen any evidence that any teachers organized this protest, but other Providence teachers like Maya Chavez are cheering it on:


The self-described Chicana educator was leading the charge to keep Providence schools closed over a year into the pandemic, despite the fact that school closures disproportionately hurt black and brown students in urban areas.

“‘I feel like I’m risking my life to get an education.’ These are the words a student said to me today in class,” said said Maya Chavez, who teaches at Dr Jorge Alvarez High School. “How dare we not stand in radical solidarity with students who are willing to put their lives on the line to pursue and education?

In other words, she is a white supremacist who was willing to cause harm to brown children so that she could work in her pajamas.

No media outlet actually reported on any of this. They simply portrayed it as young children participating in democracy by harassing a person they’ve decided is less than human. This is Steve Ahlquist:

Steve is the editor of the communist website Uprise RI, pretends to be a journalist, and takes contributions from children like Damon Drury. He is extremely creepy, and seems to love to be around children who do his political bidding. He doesn’t have any kids of his own, but he really wants other people’s children to have access to chemical castration drugs. He was at the protest on Friday, looking as creepy as ever, and blindly “reporting” things that students were saying as fact.


Bravery isn’t joining a woke mob, it’s standing up to it. There are lots of conservative teachers, but for the most part they keep their mouths shut because they don’t want to risk losing their jobs. I should know, I was one, and I left because I was no longer willing to remain silent. But Ramona Bessinger shouldn’t have to leave teaching like I did, because sharing conservative opinions on social media doesn’t disqualify you from being a teacher. Luckily Judicial Watch now represents her, and has sent a letter to the school demanding that the school stop supporting this harassment.


Ramona will be joining me on the Live show tomorrow night at 9 PM to talk about what’s been happening at Classical High School. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss an episode.


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