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Triggered New Hampshire Man Harasses Weymouth Police: Demands Thin Blue Line Flag Be Removed From WPD On 3rd Anniversary Of Michael Chesna Murder


Today (or yesterday depending on when you’re reading this) is the 3rd anniversary of the murder of Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna. WPD has flown the thin blue line flag inside their headquarters to honor his sacrifice, but moved it outside today where it flew at half staff. When BLM came for that flag last summer they were successful in getting it removed from communist cesspools like Hingham, Arlington, and Somerville, but Weymouth was not be trifled with.

Last week this man decided he was going to take a trip to Weymouth to do a “First Amendment audit.”

Marc Manchon is from Allenstown NH, and this unlovable acne ridden troglodyte is a bootleg Josh Abrams who goes around filming the police and begging for donations on YouTube from sexless cop block beta males, so he can avoid getting a real job. His channel is called Press NH Now, and last month he was arrested by the Manchester Police for refusing to leave the scene of an active shooting. The Union Leader roasted him for being such a loser.

He pleaded with me not to report his street address or his family situation, worried about his own antagonists. Seems that if I were to exercise my First Amendment rights and report his address, he might have to call Allenstown police for help.

That right there is a HARD 35.

That face you make when Santa forgot the Neutrogena cream again. His face resembles the main roads in Worcester after the last snow melt of the spring. If you ever needed some wood products sanded just have the Old Town Chode come over there and take a nap on it.

Imagine the stress the cops are under in a situation like that, and then this high pitched man who looks like he took a nap in a deep fryer comes along and starts mouthing off and refusing to leave the scene. You kind of feel bad for him because you think he’s probably mad at the world because he’s a burn victim, but then you quickly realize that it got that way from biweekly showers and a steady diet of sour patch kids. It goes without saying that Marc Manchon is not protecting our freedoms or auditing the First Amendment. He’s just acting out because he’s still mad about the cop who stole his girlfriend in 07.

For whatever reason Marc decided to travel over an hour south to Weymouth, on the very same week that Michael Chesna died, to harass the cops about the thin blue line flag. He did what chodes like this always do – stood in the parking lot filming nothing, trying to pick fights with cops, and pretending that this was helping protect our liberties. But when he went inside and asked to speak with the Lieutenant about the thin blue line flag hanging in the station the Lt was having none of it. (21 minute mark)

“That’s too bad. You don’t have to like it.”

I knew that cop was not there to play twinkle dick the moment he came out with his bald head and his glasses hanging off his nose. This man right here does not have time for your shenanigans.

That guy was born to be the 30 year veteran on the force who everyone wants to work for because he ran out of fucks to give. He’s putting his youngest daughter through college, his old lady won’t stop nagging his chain, and he can’t wait to retire in 4 years and move down the Cape. He still reads the paper every morning with his breakfast and doesn’t understand what these kids with their cameras were doing on YouFace. The cop behind him just follows him around to learn from the best.

And that right there is exactly how you handle cretins like this. Just point out that their concerns don’t matter in the least bit, then go about your business. Oh, you don’t like it? That’s a shame. Try crying into your pillow while your girlfriend gives you the Tom Mountain special from behind. I heard that helps.

But then today on the anniversary of Chesna’s assassination Marc Manchon showed up once again to harass them under the guise of protecting First Amendment rights. When he doesn’t get his way he has his his legion of virgin followers harass the police department with phone calls.

Cry more:

“I’d say it is worse, now everyone else in the public can see it.”

The funniest part about this is how triggerred these free speech advocates get from a flag.

“Muh free speech! Unless it’s a flag I don’t like. Then I’m gonna cry and ask strangers to pay my rent money.”

If there’s one police department you should never try this with it’s the Weymouth Police Department on the anniversary of Michael Chesna’s death. You can call them a million times a day, demanding they remove that flag, and it will only make them more resolved to keep it up.



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