Trolls Are Harassing Hidden Battles’ Sponsors Because They Came On Our Show To Discuss Suicide Prevention So I Made A Donation And You Can Too


Scott Hyder is a disabled veteran and former police officer who founded a suicide prevention non-profit based out of Lowell called Hidden Battles after his brother Nicky committed suicide.

A turtle rider who was personally helped by Scott during a mental health crisis told me to reach out to him after I had an incident, and he was there to talk. I figured it would be a good opportunity to use my platform to raise awareness for people suffering from depression and anxiety, so I invited him on the live show to talk about what Hidden Battles does to help people. It was a good episode that you should check out if you haven’t already.

A couple people have reached out to me since then and told me that they’re suffering from mental health issues and planned on reaching out to Scott, and quite frankly if we could reach just one person it would’ve been a productive night. Surely suicide prevention is a cause we can all unite on, or so I thought.

Trolls who I will not name because they are not worthy of that, began to harass Scott and threaten to harass the non-profit’s corporate sponsors, simply because he had a conversation with me about suicide prevention.

Again, these people object to a guy using a decent sized platform to potentially save lives. I get that not everybody likes what we do at TB, but if your hatred for Turtleboy is stronger than your desire to prevent people from dying, then your soul is broken. Scott did a live stream on Facebook talking about some of the blowback he’s received, which seems to be organized and coming from one place.

I won’t name the people who are doing this because they don’t get to hijack a great conversation. But one person who is so consumed by hatred that they organized a crowd to go after him, called Hidden Battles a “sham of a suicide prevention nonprofit,” simply because he discussed suicide prevention with a man who recently has been battling mental health.

In reality Hidden Battles has helped many first responders, veterans, and civilians get through some of the most darkest moments of their lives.

Of the utmost concern to one of these trolls was that Scott misspoke when he said that 1,000 people watching the show at the same time.

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Imagine how awful it must be to wake up in the morning and be the person who decides to spend their Sunday attacking and threatening a suicide prevention nonprofit because they had a discussion about what they do with a person who writes a blog you don’t like? Must be horrible.

“I stated I would make sponsors aware of Aidan’s behavior.”

They’re not going after my sponsors, they’re going after a suicide prevention nonprofit’s sponsors. Luckily none of them gave in because no sane person would ever even consider bowing down to terrorists like this.

“I do find it 100% distasteful and concerning that an organization with suicide prevention at the forefront of their mission would ever, ever associate with someone like Aidan Kearney.”

Yea, the thing about that is, nobody cares what you find distasteful or concerning. You’re just not that relevant dear.

They then began attacking me for helping to spread awareness, or something.

Just to be clear I’m looking at my kids right now while I write this in my home. It’s nice to have your kids when the state doesn’t confiscate them, that way you don’t have to re-evaluate how things could’ve gone differently.

I won’t dwell too much on the negative. Instead I’ll turn this into a positive by making a donation to Hidden Battles. You can do the same by clicking here. You can also give HB a like on Facebook. Feel free to and tell them how you appreciate the work they’re doing.


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