Trooper Angela Guerrera’s Victim Impact Statement Reveals True Motives And Outright Lies About Ex-Boyfriend Robert Sundberg


Last week I published a blog about State Trooper Robert Sundberg, who was convicted of raping fellow trooper Angela Guerrera in Lowell Superior Court, and was sentenced to 10-15 years in prison. Since then I’ve been flooded with tips about this story and I’m fascinated by what I’ve been learning. There is way too much to dedicate one blog to, and information is going to continue to pour in in the weeks ahead. Thus this blog series will not be a new addition every day like previous blog series. They will be spread out because I want to get this story right. And from what I’ve gathered so far, I believe that an innocent man is in prison because an overly horny, mentally unbalanced woman who remains a state trooper is getting revenge on him. Robert Sundberg is in jail because, 1) he was a state trooper, and 2) because he was accused of rape during the #MeToo era. If either of those things were different he would be a free man right now.

More importantly, he is incarcerated because the most damning evidence possible was not allowed at trial. Had any juror heard about the things I read today, there is no possible way they could have voted guilty. The amount of sex and scandals will blow your mind. Thus far I’ve spoken with several witnesses, including state troopers, police officers, court officials, lawyers who have tried similar cases, and many others. This morning I drove to Lowell Superior Court to get the docket information, as well as evidence for the defense that was not allowed to be used at trial due to rape shield laws. What I discovered is damning, and it’s just the beginning. On my way home I stopped in the Acton Police Station to obtain the arrest report for Trooper Guerrera’s January 2017 DUI. I’m interested in that report for a number of reasons I’ll explain later on. Unfortunately the person who works in records is gone until Thursday, which blew my mind. Acton is a town of 21,000 people, but evidently there police department is so understaffed that they don’t have someone who can fill in when the records lady has the day off.

In the meantime, I want you to listen to Trooper Guerrera’s victim impact statement in court last week. I’ve heard rape victims give impact statements before. It’s raw, powerful, and genuine. To me, her testimony comes across as forced and inauthentic. Particularly listen to her pretending to hold back tears at the 4:28 and 5:05 marks in the video:

There are many things in her statement that are either outright lies, or extremely misleading. I won’t explain them all now, as there’s a lot more investigating to do. But I’ll briefly explain what the lies are.

Till the last hour I debated whether or not to make this statement myself.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is untrue. She wanted to put this man in jail in order to punish him for a crime she knows he did not commit. The only way to do that was with a powerful victim impact statement, that was heard by the female judge, and the female ADA.

As a former state trooper Robert Sundberg swore to uphold the law, as I did, and to serve and protect the public. What did he do instead? The complete opposite. Robert used the powers of authority and used it as a tool to control, manipulate, physically, emotionally, and mentally abuse me.

Robert Sundberg is no saint. He left his wife for this woman, drank too much, and got himself involved in volatile situations with Trooper Guerrera over the course of their 6 year relationship (2010-2016). Like many men, he was attracted to crazy and the lure of wild sex, and Trooper Guerrera gave him all of that and more. They were two peas in a pod, and quite frankly neither should’ve been a state trooper. In my opinion state troopers should be the best of the best. Morally upright, ethically sound, and honest. Both of them violated laws when it came to excessive drinking, but a rapist he is not.

I will have to go through months, probably years of counseling and therapy to overcome the PTSD that has manifested due to the trauma that he caused me.

According to sources, Trooper Guerrera was never diagnosed with PTSD. She was with him for 6 years despite the alleged trauma he put her through, and only claimed she was raped when he ended the relationship. Since then she’s been partying hard, and has an account on Plenty of Fish:

Her behavior and profile are inconsistent with that of a traumatized rape victim. She advertises herself as a “fun single mom.” She says she’s looking for a respectful, chivalrous, and caring man. Not coincidentally both Robert and her ex-husband (who we would love to hear from) found out the hard way what happens when you cross her. And if she’s not interested in hookups or married men then she’s completely changed her ways.

Due to his denial of  wrongdoing towards me, I had to relive and be revictimized by his lawyer. Robert never once stopped the trial going forward by admitting to his crimes to protect me like I protected him for 6 years.

So what was he supposed to do? Not defend himself from your baseless allegation in court? Give up his life, and say goodbye to his kids because you don’t want to “relive” the alleged rapes? The first rape occurred in 2010, yet she stayed with him for 6 more years. The next one happened in 2015, and as you will see there is ample evidence she was lying about that. The final one happened right before he broke up with her.

Instead he hired three high powered lawyers and forced me to take the stand to tell the truth, causing me additional emotional pain, humiliation, and stress that affected me throughout this trial.

Is he not supposed to hire the best defense he can get? Is his attorney not allowed to question the woman telling a series of blatant lies? I’ve never heard someone blame a defendant for exercising his constitutional rights to due process.

In my opinion this comment was by design. His high powered attorneys, Louis Aloise, Ed Ryan, Michael Wilcox, and Andrea Levy (who came on later), hurt him more than helped him. Not because they’re bad attorneys, but because three of them were men, and he was perceived by the judge and jury to be a man of means with powerful forces behind him, while she was the powerless victim on her own. Additionally, they had their hands tied because they could not see the eye opening evidence I saw today.

Due to his denial of wrongdoing I had to fully disclose Robert’s abuse to me to my 2 beautiful daughters, so they could understand why their mother was so stressed, sick, and had to take so much time off from work.

Robert lived with her and her two daughters for quite some time. She wasn’t stressed or sick in the least bit for all of those years, but suddenly had to tell them why mom is shedding crocodile tears.

While preparing for this trial, Robert continued to manipulate and prey on women. Some of them are even sitting in this courtroom today. He went to great lengths to target a dear friend of mine that was initially helping me and my children get back on our feet. Robert wooed her, and began an affair with her, knowing that she would easily have access to my information about my new address and my whereabouts.

Bob Sundberg was dating a mutual friend of theirs, who cut ties with her largely because of of her erratic behavior. There were several family members, friends, and state troopers in the courtroom to support him. People who sent letters of support for Sundberg to the judge were not allowed to have them read in court.

He also found a way to manipulate another woman to the point where she would do anything for his affection. This other woman stalked me and placed a fake emergency call that led the Acton Police to improperly investigate me and subsequently place me under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. This arrest caused me great public humiliation, shame, and threatened to ruin my reputation on the MSP. I spent months trying to regain my mental health enough to investigate my own OUI arrest and discovered the evidence that led back to Robert. Eventually I was able to exonerate myself from the unfounded arrest that left me broke and emotionally and mentally exhausted.

She was pulled over for drinking and driving, and she was indeed drunk. When asked for her license she allegedly handed them her state police badge. The phone call was indeed exaggerated, but it doesn’t change the fact that she was drunk. I don’t know how she got away with this, but I will find out, and it had nothing to do with her exonerating herself. Her case was somehow moved out of Concord District Court, all the way to Quincy, when there were several closer courts if there was a conflict of interest. Quincy is notoriously lenient for DUI’s, and one of the judges she had was Jeanmarie Carroll – the woman who set drug dealer Manny Lopes free so he could murder Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna.

Additionally, her reputation was already smeared with the MSP long before her DUI arrest. Many troopers we spoke with had astonishing things to say about her lack of professionalism and gross incompetence. I cannot stress the fact that she is a state trooper is beyond disturbing. She is openly suicidal and should not be allowed around a gun. Leigha Genduso had her’s confiscated the second she made reference to suicide.

Let me just say this. The fact that Turtleboy has to investigate this, instead of the Massachusetts State Police, after all the scandals and outright crimes that they’ve committed against the public over the the last 2 years, shows just how non-reformed that organization truly is. Morale among troopers we spoke with has never been lower. Many were afraid to talk, as the majority just want to finish their years and retire as soon as possible. Although we have many fine troopers in this state, the institution of the State Police continues to need reform badly. This woman is a menace, she is a danger to both herself and the community, and in my opinion she put a completely innocent father of three children behind bars.

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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries
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