Trump Supporter Arrested In Warwick For Defending Himself After Being Surrounded By Antifa Mob Led By 17 Year Old And Antifa Amy Schumer


Providence Conservative talk radio host John DePetro posted on Facebook today, asking for the public’s health in identifying some Antifa wankers who harassed and provoked a Trump supporter who ended up getting arrested for pushing a BLM flag out of his face.

Well, we didn’t get all of them but we got 2 because one of them showed up on the Clarence Woods Emerson Facebook page (which you all should be following by clicking here). Let’s start with Antifa Amy Schumer.

Meet Gracie Popick from Providence.

This is her beta male boyfriend.

Pick a lane bro. Mullet or hipster. You can’t do both.

His name is Loren.

When the doctor pulls your kid out, tells you it’s a boy, and you say, “I’m going to name him Loren,” he is destined to settle down with a plus sized Antifa beast on TB.

When she’s not surrounding and harassing people over their political beliefs you can find Gracie waddling herself down to the local jail where she humors and teases illegal immigrants by giving them false hope that she has the power to get them released.

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Yea, they got deported. But at least she got to feel good about herself.

Then there was the handsome young lady yelling “Shut the f*** up. You’re a f***ing idiot. Put your mask on. Get COVID,” while shoving a megaphone in his face and playing the victim by yelling “I’m a minor” when he attempted to remove it.

That gender fluid toad’s name is Danielle Finnerty, and she showed up on my Facebook page before ultimately deleting her page because she likely realized what was about to happen. She also posted on her own page about how she dindu nuffin.

I don’t care if she’s a minor. She played big boy games and now she wins big boy prizes. Plus, she constantly hides behind the “I’m 17” shtick.

I suppose it’s not just her fault though. If only her stepdad Daryl didn’t drink the last of the Mountain Dew, then she wouldn’t be this miserable.

Danielle is young, stupid, and naive. She has been falsely led to believe that she’s a good person if she goes around harassing and punching anyone she disagrees with, simply because she labels them as “fascists,” “homophobes,” and “racists.”

But she’s not, and we’re here to teach her the lesson that Daryl the grizzled stepdad never did. You’re actually a horrible, morally bankrupt, and perpetually angry person Danielle. This is no way to go through life. You’re not a free spirit either. You’re just the latest in the long line of self-conforming goth chicks looking to rebel and express yourself, but in reality you’re just dressing like and acting like what every kid who grew up listening to Alice in Chains has been dressing and acting like since the 90’s.

Anyway Danielle, I’m sure it sucks to grow up unloved and raised by the Internet. I wish the adults in your life gave you the attention that you clearly craved and never received, because it’s done a number on you. However, it’s not too late to change who you are. You don’t have to grow up and be Gracie – an overweight, miserable hag who spends her weekends playing Antifa because her boyfriend Loren can’t work his way through her folds to pleasure her. There’s still time to change your ways and respectfully disagree with conservatives without resorting to threats and harassment. I believe in you.



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