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Tufts Med Center Clinical Nursing Director Says She Doesn’t Want To Treat Patients Who Went To Foxboro Dairy Queen, Wants Them To Sign DNR


Local Dairy Queens continue to be a hot topic in local community groups after a Foxboro woman voiced her concerns about people buying food and possibly ice cream while not living in fear.

She does have a point – it’s not fair to her kids to sit at home and watch other kids get together on Snapchat. Everyone should let their kids play with other kids because kids are more likely to get killed the way McCaulley Culkin did in My Girl than by catching the commie cold. You might as well tie your kids up with bubble wrap until they turn 18 if you’re afraid of them dying from this.

Then this woman showed up to share her thoughts.

Her name is Noelle Kohles and she is the clinical nursing director at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts. She was featured in a story in the Lowell Sun two weeks ago.

I have all the respect in the world for nurses working in the ICU right now, but this woman seems a little full of herself.

Here’s what she had to say about the DQ dilemma in town.

“Don’t thank us on the front lines for doing our jobs.”

I never did. You must have me confused with the actors in the Samsung commercial.

And I’m sorry, but it’s completely unprofessional and inappropriate for healthcare workers to publicly announce that they don’t wish to treat patients who chose not to live in fear. It’s her job to save lives, not prevent people from getting sick. If someone chooses to eat McDonald’s three times a day they wouldn’t be turned away from receiving healthcare. If someone chose to sleep around without using protection then Planned Parenthood isn’t going to turn them away.

“Shame on DQ for allowing this.”

For allowing what? People to purchase the food they’re legally allowed to sell? Your virtue signaling hysteria about being on the front lines and watching people take their last breath means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to me. It’s fear mongering propaganda. If I want to buy a gun does that mean I have to watch someone get shot in the head first? Of course not.

She’s been posting about how she doesn’t want to provide healthcare to sick people who aren’t doing as she instructed for two months now.

This type of fear mongering nonsense worked on me on March 15. It doesn’t work on May 6. We “stayed the f*** home,” we practiced social distancing, we shut everything down to make life easier for you, and nothing has improved. Almost as if there’s zero evidence that locking down an entire society will actually save lives. It’s been eight weeks now of us sacrificing for you. Time’s up.

And for what it’s worth…..

Same hospital. Either they’re not flooded with patients as they claimed, or the hospital ran out of money to pay their staff because when an economy shuts down healthcare workers get laid off. A gainfully employed workforce is just as essential to public health as healthcare workers.

I would respect this woman if she just went to work and did her job, because if she’s really on the front lines then her work is heroic. But she clearly thinks she’s better than everyone else and needs to be humbled. She’s telling people that if it was up to her they would die for going to Dairy Queen, and she’s announcing it on a public forum because she knows that all the Karens will give her that coveted blue thumbs up. Behavior like this needs to be called out, regardless of the good that a person is doing.


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