Turtle Riders And Minifans Unite Tomorrow In Sherborn For Peace Vigil Between Kirk Minihane And Bob Murchison, Book Signing And Turtle Gear Available


Tomorrow is the big day. Sherborn, MA. High Noon. Bob Murchison. Kirk Minihane. Uncle Turtleboy. Prayer vigil.

Some of inquired if I will be in attendance at this historic summit between the former top rated Boston morning radio show host on WEEI, and the millionaire free speech Nazi who destroyed the radio station because he couldn’t control the content of their discussions.

The answer is obviously yes. After all, Turtleboy was the only media outlet in New England that wasn’t afraid to expose Murchison’s dirty tricks. The fact that all it took was one man with an email account to do that sort of damage is the most underreported story of all time.

So yea, I will be there to extend an olive branch to Murchison, even though he’s such a terrible person. Sometimes you just have to be the bigger man. But the question is, will he show up? This is his home after all, and I can’t imagine Sherborn is normally equipped for this sort of presence in the center of town. If he doesn’t show it will further prove that Bob Murchison is a coward who hides behind a keyboard and has no intention of maintaining peace.

I expect Minifans and Turtle Riders (which are often crossovers) to make a heavy presence tomorrow. We’ll be meeting at Jacks Abby Brewing in Framingham at 11:30 and caravanning to Sherborn for the festivities. Bring your I Am Turtleboy book if you want me to sign it. I’ll have gear too! See ya in Sherborn.



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