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Turtleboy Defends Undefeated Streak In Attleboro District Court, Judge Says “Not Even Close” To Obtaining Order, Accuses 16 Year Old Plaintiff Of Being Aggressor 

Editor’s Note – We now have the full court audio

Breaking News – The Turtleboy undefeated streak continued in Attleboro District court today as yet another bogus order designed to silence my accurate reporting on criminal behavior, was denied by Judge Edmund Mathers. A ratchet by the name of Katherine Peter was attempting to weaponize her abused 16 year old child in order to get the courts to order me to remove content about the horrific things that Kate and her boyfriend Andrew Johnson have done to her and her brothers (2 of whom were forcefully adopted out by the state). This is the blog in question that she wanted the court to order me to remove, and she used her daughter as a weapon to try to achieve that. I have requested the court audio and will be going over it all in a future blog, but for now I did a live stream explaining what I remember happening.

Since the temporary order was granted ex parte (without me being present 2 weeks ago), Kate has been attempting to violate me on it with no success. She told her followers that a warrant was out for my arrest and that the North Attleboro Police told her this. I spoke with NAPD who told me that was a lie. On Thursday I received a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize and answered it. It was Kate’s 16 year old daughter, and she claimed that she was calling me back because she received a missed call from me. I realized right away that her mother had likely used a spoofing app to call her daughter, making it look like my number called her in an attempt to violate me. I do not have her daughter’s phone number (nor have I spoken to her on the phone), and she does not have mine. The conversation went as follows:

Me: “Who is this?”

Plaintiff: You know who the fuck I am – Teresa. 

Me: Why are you calling me?”

Plaintiff: I didn’t call you, it said you called me first. I’ll send you a screenshot.

Me: I did not, but…

Unknown Male: You did bro

Me: I did not, so if you can send me…

Unknown Male: You did. There’s a missed call right the fuck now so that’s how stupid you fucking sound.

Me: Who are you? Who’s that?

Plaintiff: This is my cousin. Mind your business.

Unknown Male: Mind your fucking neck you fucking fat ass n***a.

A key element for obtaining a HPO is being in fear. Clearly this teenager is not in fear.

I immediately called NAPD and spoke with Officer Thomas Vigorito. He immediately knew that it made no sense for me to call a 16 year old using my real phone number for the sole purposes of violating the order and getting charged. He was familiar with spoofing apps and seemed to agree that Kate or her daughter was behind this. I hope NAPD pursues this and can prove who did the spoofing call, as I was framed for a crime that I did not commit by the plaintiffs.

I’ve been through a lot of these things, and one day I will put together an official list of court victories. However, until today I had never heard a judge say “this isn’t even close” when denying an order, nor have I had a judge state that he believed the plaintiff was the aggressor. Here are some key points I remember from the 45 minute hearing:

  • Ms. Peter forced her 16 year old daughter to skip yet another day of school to testify at this hearing and she brought a friend with her.
  • Ms. Peter was joined by former Turtleboy Live Show weekend cohost Bret Killoran, and soon-to-be-deceased Internet troll Brian Riccio.
  • Bret attempted to threaten me in the court lobby and said he wanted to fight me outside afterwards because I had previously stated that I would win in a fight, which is just a biological fact. Although I am not scared of him, a court officer on alert overheard the exchange and warned Bret that it he did it again he would be kicked out.

  • After court was over Kate, Bret, and Riccio left first and they made us wait. Bret waited outside, and as I walked out he attempted to bait me into a fight. The court officer told him to leave and he got into a wild exchange before forcefully being removed from the sidewalk. Unfortunately I did not get this on tape.
  • Bret has said a lot of horrific things about Kate’s daughter while he was a guest on my show. His inability to control himself was part of the reason I was happy to move on from him. He was there to be a witness but was never called. His plan was purportedly to tell the judge that he was paid by me to say all of the things he said about Kate’s daughter, and he crowdfunded his trip here from Lewiston, Maine because he does not have a car or a license.
  • Ms. Peter has 27.5K subscribers on her YouTube channel “Troll Mafia Official,” but none of her fans and supporters could be bothered to show up in court today.
  • About half a dozen turtle riders were there in person, including some great people I had never met before. I appreciate their support, along with the dozens of messages I’ve received this morning from other supporters who have been following this ordeal.
  • The hearing began with Kate Peter speaking in her micro-machine voice, claiming that I spread rumors about sexual abuse, accused her daughter of being a prostitute, showed her cleavage, made comments about one kid playing “fiddler on the roof” with the other, sent people to her home, tried to kidnap her daughter, violated the order, and a lot of other made up lies she couldn’t prove. We were able to debunk all of these lies as I came prepared with a mountain of well organized evidence.
  • My attorney Kathleen Fay was phenomenal, and I was lucky to have her. She asked Kate’s daughter to read the following messages that she sent me out loud in court:

Initially the daughter said she didn’t want to read them because she was embarrassed by her behavior and her mother was forcing her to bring this all to light in open court, but Judge Mathers made her. There was a look of shock on his face as he realized what was happening.

Attorney Fay asked the girl if she had ever attempted to call me, and she said no. She then handed her several pieces of evidence showing that she did, and that I was under the impression that it was Kate using her daughter’s page to message me.

Teresa admitted in court that she was not in fear of me, and was there because her mother wanted the blogs about her crimes removed from the website. You have to be in fear in order to obtain an order, so clearly she was coached wrong or Kate didn’t realize she would be open to cross examination.

I was also questioned by my lawyer and I explained what I do for work and how I expose criminals. Then Kate got to cross examine me and asked me where I received these DCF documents from:

This was interesting because she has insisted that these documents were fabricated by me to make her look bad. For the first time in open court today she admitted they were real and wanted to know their origin. Unfortunately for her reporter’s privilege allows me to keep all sources anonymous, so her fishing expedition was unsuccessful, she did not obtain an order, and it’s now on public record that all of my reporting was factual.

Anyway, I am so happy this is over. I have attempted to move on from this lunatic for three years, but she won’t let it go. She keeps trying to weaponize the courts against me, she contacts friends and family members of mine at their jobs, she is being charged with violating a restraining order against a friend of mine she stalked for a year for being associated with me, she got her boyfriend to physically assault me outside of West Roxbury District Court (he has since been charged), and she is obsessed with my personal life. She even spent her New Years Eve live streaming a walk through Boston, asking strangers if they knew who Turtleboy was in an attempt to prove how irrelevant I am. It backfired when several of them did.

I have no interest in this woman, as I have much bigger stories to write. I propose that both she and I move on with lives and focus on our work and families. Everyone should leave their kids out of their online drama and refrain from sharing personal details about them moving forward.


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