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Turtleboy Will Be On Timcast Tonight At 8 PM


Tonight at 8 PM I will be a guest on Timcast, an extremely popular political talk show on YouTube hosted by Tim Pool. Tim’s shows regularly get more than 40K people in the live chat, with some episodes getting more than 1 million views, so this is a big opportunity for yours truly professionally. We need as many turtle riders there as possible, so subscribe to his YouTube channel here. Let them know in the live chat that you’re a turtle rider by flooding it with turtle emojis.

I’ve known for over a month that I was gonna be on, but unfortunately I had to keep this a secret. I have the most dedicated trolls who have nothing but time on their hands, and I knew they would try to sabotage it. They got that snake Matt Carano to refuse to have me on Gerry Callahan’s podcast by bombarding him out of context clips, lies about “transphobia,” and attacks on my personal life. I wasn’t going to screw this one up, and I’m very excited to be going on tonight.

Tim got his start documenting Occupy Wall Street, before getting a job at VICE. He eventually started working for himself and now runs a business with over 30 employees. He makes enough money to fly in and provide hotels for guests like me, so what he’s built is impressive, and is the future of independent media. It’s an honor to be on here considering recent guests in the last few months include Kanye West, Matt Gaetz, Libs of Tik Tok, Blake Masters, Kyle Rittenhouse, Michael Knowles, Jesse Kelly, Alex Stein, Dave Rubin, and other really big names.

If you’ve never watched Timcast its basically a 2 hour political talk show where he and his guests discuss the major news stories of the day. The guests always have a chance to talk about what they do, and I’m a pretty natural conversationalist so I’m sure we will have plenty to talk about. I have no idea what the topics will be tonight, but I’m getting picked up at 6 and we do an hour of show prep beforehand.

Tim’s studio is in western Maryland, and today I went to Harper’s Ferry, the home of John Brown’s failed slave insurrection in 1859, which jump started the Civil War. As a former history teacher it was surreal to be at a place I’d taught about for 9 years, standing at the intersection of Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia.

If you told me 10 years ago when I was still teaching that I’d be standing here right now, I would’ve never believed it. But I’ve worked my ass off, sacrificed a lot, and it was all worth it for this opportunity. Hope to see you all on there at 8 PM with lots of turtle emojis in the comments.


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