Twitter Suspended Me For 12 Hours For Saying That We Didn’t Have Any Transgender Kids In High School 


Twitter has suspended the @DoctorTurtleboy account for 12 hours for hateful conduct because I pointed out that we didn’t have a single transgender kid in high school, and that being transgender is a mental disorder that defies biological reality.

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Elon Musk can’t take over this company fast enough. The tide is turning against transgenderism the more biological men dominate women’s athletic events, schools put pornographic books in your kid’s library, and teachers film themselves on Tik Tok bragging about how they’re indoctrinating your kids with communist ideology. Leftists like JK Rowling have opened their eyes to this and the backlash from the silent majority is coming. Calling facts “hate speech” doesn’t make them any less factual.

Speaking of liberals who are seeing the light and reaching new audiences, Bill Maher had a rant on his show over the weekend stating exactly what I said in that tweet – kids are saying they’re transgender because it’s become the cool thing to do.

Kids didn’t just become transgender over night, they were groomed to do this by adults.


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