Two Acton Police Officers Put On Leave After Worcester State Student Alleges Sexual Misconduct And Grooming From When She Was In High School


This is Angelina Tawfeek from Acton.


She’s a sophomore criminal justice major at Worcester State, and the other day she accused several Acton Police Officers of sexual misconduct on Instagram and Facebook, stemming from her time as a student at Acton-Boxborough High School.

All allegations of sexual misconduct should be taken seriously. However, unconfirmed stories posted on Instagram should not be used to ruin the lives of innocent people.

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According to this girl’s story one officer took his Johnson out and put it on a table in the school resource officer’s office. This officer then told her that he was going into the nurse’s bathroom, presumably to masturbate. She doesn’t say if the school resource officer (Campbell) or any other people witnessed it happening, but if they did I feel like that’s something that wouldn’t be glossed over. Quite frankly I find it hard to believe that a cop would be so bold, reckless, and stupid to do that.

She also alleges that another cop “groomed” her when she was 17, and that when she turned 18 he “took full advantage.” In other words, she’s accusing him of pulling a Dave Portnoy by waiting until she was of legal age to consent. This is basically what former Hull Superintendent Mike Devine was accused of doing. It’s creepy, and you shouldn’t work in schools if you’re using it as a place to meet new prospects, but if she banged him after college like it sounds like she says she did, then it’s not illegal and she’s not a victim. Your life wasn’t ruined because you became the youngest badge bunny in town.

She claims that other cops in town are harassing her, and if she can prove that with text messages she should show it. Otherwise all I see here is an unconfirmed anecdote. That didn’t stop the mob from blindly believing her, telling her how brave she is, and condemning the police.



After the post went viral the Superintendent sent out an email telling parents that the two cops she accused are suspended pending an investigation, and that they are no longer allowed in the schools.

For an Instagram post.

In the comments Angelina said that it happened in 2020 during her senior year.


But wait, there was a pandemic that ended the 2020 school year in early March. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible that this happened, it just shortens the timetable when it could’ve happened.

While she was a student at Acton-Boxborough Angelina also posted tons of videos and pictures of herself drinking at what appeared to be clubs with scantily clad women shaking their tail feathers.

That’s a normal thing for a high school girl to be doing. Great parenting right there.

She posted a video on her IG story 4 years ago of herself smoking blunts during a “photo shoot.”

She was likely 15 or 16 at most for that.

It’s not irregular for high school kids to drink, but this girl basically thinks she’s the Route 2 Kardashian, and got let into clubs she wasn’t old enough to be let into where she partied hard.

While still a student at AB she also rocked Louis Vuitton bags, and had stacks of cash.

Where were her parents for all this? Who knows? But somehow she can afford an Audi and more designer bags while she goes on exotic vacations.


“If you want something, it won’t be handed to to you. Work hard for what you want and you’ll get it.”

You go to Worcester State.

Anyway, I have no idea if there is any truth to these allegations. If the cop really put his dick on a table at school in front of children then obviously he should be arrested. If the other cop “groomed” her and then had sex with her when she turned 18 then I don’t know what you can do with that. But if it’s not true then there should be consequences for her, since she’s trying to ruin the lives of two otherwise well-respected officers.



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