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Two Boys Crush Girls In Connecticut Track State Championship, Give Team Title To Bloomfield Instead Of Glastonbury


Every year we blog about the two biologically male Connecticut sprinters who recently became girls and now destroy them en route to annual state championships. Terry Miller competed on the Bloomfield boy’s track team last winter and was a pretty decent sprinter for a boy. But then he became a girl for the spring and got to compete on the girl’s team. He won the 200 and 100 meter state championships, and smashed state records in both. Andraya Yearwood finished second in the 100 meters, and has been competing as a girl since his freshman year. It’s patently unfair, it’s cheating, it’s immoral, and it represents the official end of women’s athletics as we know it. Biological men will always be bigger, faster, and stronger on average than biological women. Because of this sports are separated by sex, not gender. Essentially what has happened is that Title IX reforms championed by feminists so that women could compete equally amongst women, has been replaced with new progressive dogma because transgender people rank higher on the oppression scale than women.

Well, it happened again of course, as last weekend Miller and Yearwood finished 1-2 in the 55 meter dash at the Connecticut State Championship meet. This is how much they won by:

As you can see in the post dash video, Terry clearly is biologically male and sounds like it.

According to Miller the biological girls should just work harder to beat him.

Miller, who declined to be interviewed for this story, has said that if she felt a competitor had an unfair advantage, it would simply push her to try to improve.

It’s remarkable that he really believes that he is beating these girls because he works harder than them. This is what happens when a society is afraid to tell children no. Kind of like Yearwood’s coach who is cheering this on.

There’s never been an issue in our town,” he said. “These kids, many of them have known Andraya since elementary school. They know who she is. So when she signed up, the attitude was: ‘OK, Andraya is running with the girl’s team. Here we go.’

Yea, it’s not an issue in your town because your team benefits from this cheating. You’re a cheater, and you’re teaching kids that it’s OK to cheat in the name of feelings. As a former teacher and coach you are a disgrace to the profession.

Yearwood is under the impression that by beating a bunch of girls he has somehow earned something:

“I have learned a lot about myself and about other people through this transition. I always try to focus most on all of the positive encouragement that I have received from family, friends and supporters,” Yearwood said. “I use the negativity to fuel myself to run faster.”

What you’ve learned about yourself is that because you have male muscles and male bones, you have an unfair advantaged. Andraya’s father is a fierce defender of his son’s right to beat up on girls like this, claiming that it’s sexist to say that boys are better than girls at sports.

“She has often lost to cis females.”

So what? You think that proves something? I can’t beat Jackie Joyner-Kersee in the long jump, so does that mean women are as good as or better than men? Because a boy isn’t better than the world’s fastest girl doesn’t change the fact that boys have biological advantages over girls. This is a boy:

These are boys beating girls.

The times were not even close.

For comparison, here are the boy’s results.

A time of 6.95 would not have even qualified for this meet, but for the girls it’s a CT state record, and is closing in on the New England record. At the New England Championship next weekend Springfield’s Kyla Hill should be the favorite, considering she just won the MIAA State Meet, but instead she has no realistic shot at winning.

Terry and Andraya’s bodies have developed in ways that do not happen when you have XX chromosomes. They do not have breasts, which makes it much easier to run. Their bones are bigger and their muscles are stronger.

Canton’s Chelsea Mitchell, the rightful state champion who lost to both of these boys in spring track as well, was once again denied what she earned. Since they are all juniors this will likely happen again next year. Her local newspaper said that she was 3rd place in the dash, and failed to point out that she was beaten by two biological males.

Because the media doesn’t even consider this newsworthy anymore. They, like many others, are too scared to point out that this is wrong. This is cheating. This is boys taking things away from girls that girls earned. The Hartford Courant did not mention any of this, when it should be the headline story. The mainstream media is complicit in covering this up, which is why it takes right wing media to point it out. Unfortunately then it appears to be a partisan issue, when this is something that people from the left and the right can clearly see is unfair and immoral.

I’m sure Chelsea herself cannot be happy about this, but this high school junior is forced to internalize and repress her opinions. I’d ask her how she feels about this but she’d likely be too afraid or too brainwashed with transgender propaganda to comment. If she dares to stand up for herself and point out how unfair this is, she will be castigated by the media as a bigot. That’s an unfair burden to put on any child.

On top of that Terry Miller won the 300 meter dash.

He also ran a leg of the 4×400 relay, which finished in second.

From my experience with track an athlete who runs the 55 meter dash in 6.95 could probably run the 400 between 53-55 seconds. It’s rare for a girl to break 60 seconds, so realistically the Bloomfield relay team would not have placed if Terry hadn’t run in it.

This also affects the team scores. Because of Terry’s biological male advantage Bloomfield easily won the State Championship, beating second place Glastonbury 54-39.

In track the winner of each event gets 10 points, followed by 8 for second, then 6, 4, 2, an 1 for 6th place. Everyone else gets nothing. Let’s do the math and see what the team score would’ve been if Terry had run against other biological boys.

To make it to the dash finals you have to finish in the top 7, and from there the top 6 score. Since both Yearwood and Miller ran in the dash this would open up two spots, which would’ve been filled by the 8th and 9th place girls in the prelims. Those girls came from Glastonbury and East Haven.

Ayesha Nelson from Hillhouse would’ve scored 6 points instead of 2, and Glastonbury’s Selina Soule would’ve scored 1 point. It should be noted that Selina finished 6th in last year’s spring state championship meet, and her mother has been lobbying the Statehouse to pass a law banning biological boys from girls sporting events. They ignored her, but if Mom is reading this we would love to speak with you. Email [email protected] since you’re the only parent who seems to have the balls to stand up for your kid.

The net gain from the dash would by +1 for Glastonbury, +4 Hillhouse, and -10 for Bloomfield in the 55 meter dash.

In the 300 meters Bloomfield would lose 7 points (-10 for Terry, but +2 for Jill Mars and +1 for Shante Brown).

Hillhouse’s Jada Boyd would’ve scored 2 more points, as would Glastonbury’s Samantha Forrest.

In the 4×400 Glastonbury won, so they had nothing to gain, but Hillhouse would’ve moved up a spot and been +2.

As a team Bloomfield would lose 25 points points (10, 8, 7). Glastonbury would gain 3 (1, 2), and Hillhouse would gain 8 (4, 2, 2). The final team standings would’ve moved from this:

To this:

Congrats Glastonbury, you are the rightful state champion. Bloomfield would finish in a distant fourth. Since Danbury, Greenwich, and Norwich scored their points points in longer distance events where no biological boys were running, they were not effected by this. Allowing biological boys to run only hurts girls teams who are good in those events.

It’s up to the coaches and parents to say something. Enough is enough. Your girls are getting getting screwed over by boys in the name of social justice. If you don’t have it in you to advocate for the kids you teach then you shouldn’t be coaching. They get away with this because you remain silent. Both runners will be back next year, so only the sophomores and freshmen can dream of a state title. Even then a boy might become a girl and the same thing will happen again. Do something about it.

P.S. Terry Miller wouldn’t even make his own school’s relay team, which might explain why he feels the need to compete against girls.



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