Two Minority Owned Worcester Businesses Looted After Speaker At City Hall Rally Urges Crowd To Riot, Loot, Shoot At Police


Thousands of “peaceful protesters” gathered in Worcester Monday night to protest the killing of George Floyd, but one of the speakers at the rally encouraged violence and looting. Her name is Sha-Asia Medina, and she made it clear that violence and looting was OK for black people, and that white people had no right to criticize this sort of criminality.

“I invoke the legacy of the Mosaic Cultural Complex. If you don’t know those organizations then you need to do your local black history and see what this City Hall did to those organizations.”

For those newer turtle riders I urge you to read up on our reporting on Mosaic Cultural Complex, because it was one of our first big stories. A corrupt non-profit run by race baiting provocateurs pretended to be doing hypertension work for black men, but in reality they were using that as a front to enrich themselves off of government grants. We documented all the city money that was going to them, leading to an audit by the city, and they were given a second chance after fraud was discovered. Then I found out that CEO Brenda Jenkins was signing off on fraudulent time sheets, and one of the people getting paid was her gang banging deadbeat son Robert “Boo Shameek” Alston who needed to start paying overdue court ordered child support. The final nail in the coffin was when I published screenshots of these Facebook posts from Alston, in which he confessed that the whole thing was a scam to play on white guilt by finding a “couple dumb n words” in order to profit.





This was an organization that promoted the killing of police, never did any healthcare work, and got rich by using social justice buzzwords. But because their CEO was a black woman critics like Sha-Asia Medina continue to call racist for City Hall to cut off their free ride.Here’s Sha-Asia stuffing her face with taxpayer funded food at Mosaic, alongside Brenda “Urkel Glasses” Jenkins.

The really disturbing part of her speech was what she said after that.

“While I appreciate the peaceful protests, know that there is more than one way to do this. Know that black people have a right to express their anger for what’s been going on in this country for centuries in whatever way they choose, and if you’re not black then you don’t have any right to tell someone they’re doing it wrong or right.”

Translation – black people can riot and white people can’t say anything about it because of slavery.

“We built this, and if we choose to burn it down that’s our business.”

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Actually, it’s not your business if you choose to burn down someone else’s property. You do not have the right to break the law simply because you’re pretending to be upset about the death of a man you never met.


She also justified shooting police officers.

“Some black people are going to say shoot back, and they mean it. We need to make sure that we’re allowing a space for a plethora of black emotions, not just the ones that are respectable and put everyone at ease. There is anger in the streets.”

According to Sha-Asia we should be allowed to shoot cops because this represents one of the “plethora of emotions” people like her are feeling. The saddest part about that video are all the white people clapping like trained seals. These people have fallen for the grift, and are so consumed with white guilt that they will applaud looting and gun violence towards police.

After encouraging the crowd to loot and riot they did exactly that hours later.

Two businesses were looted, and according to WHDH they’re both owned by minorities.

But Sha-Asia never posted about that afterwards, because these black and brown lives never mattered to her. Most of those looters looked white, and they just destroyed an immigrant’s business because this spoiled brat told them it was OK to. Instead of worrying about them she’s complaining about the Worcester Police and posting that “property is always replaceable and Black lives are not.”

How many black lives were saved by looting and rioting? Easy to be pro-looting when it’s someone else’s shit getting destroyed.

Politicians like Mayor Joe Petty will clap and applaud, and ultimately nothing will change except for the fact that businesses were looted.

There will be no acknowledgment of what really happened.

In a sane world Sha-Asia Medina would be charged with inciting a riot. She encouraged a mob to loot, riot, and shoot at police, and then they did as they were told. Looting is wrong, rioting is wrong, and anger and frustration do not justify doing either. If I have to explain why then you are morally bankrupt. But of course none of the people cares about George Floyd anyway, and this is just an excuse to be lawless and while using the tragic murder of a man 1,500 miles from here as an excuse.


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