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Tyngsboro Woman Facing Life In Prison For Selling Crack While 7 Months Pregnant Vows To Fight Online Haters After Giving Birth, Brags About Financial Success


The Nashua Telegraph had a story up earlier today about a woman named Kiana Moudarri, who was arrested for selling crack cocaine.

Unfortunately they took the link down, but the TL;DR is that she lost custody of her first child, she’s pregnant with another, she’s selling copious amounts of crack cocaine in her Nashua apartment, and due to all of her priors she’s now looking at potential life in prison.

It should be noted that this woman is from Tynsboro, and grew up living the basic Becky suburban lifestyle.

She was evidently released on bail, but instead of keeping a low profile she elected to go on Facebook she threatened to fight the haters after she gives birth in January, and bragged about how the arrest didn’t phase her in the least.

“I already did 18 months for something I didn’t do so it won’t kill me to do it again.”

Ma’am, I know you’re not planning on living that long, but you’re looking at life in prison. As low as your life expectancy is, I think it’s going to be a little bit longer than 18 months this time around.

Her Google trophies are numerous and diverse too. In 2017 she tried to run a police officer over with her car while her 18 month old gestation creation was in the back seat.

NASHUA – Kiana Moudarri, who on Tuesday pleaded guilty to three charges stemming from a 2017 police pursuit in which she nearly hit a Nashua officer, took the unusual step of chiming in while the judge was delivering his sentencing comments during her hearing. The offenses stem from an incident on Feb. 8, 2017, during which members of Nashua’s Problem Oriented Policing (POP) Unit, in possession of warrants for Moudarri’s arrest, tried to stop the car she was driving as she exited a tow company lot after retrieving the car. When officers initiated a traffic stop, according to police reports and the account Devine read in court, Moudarri locked the doors, backed up a short distance, then “put it in gear and accelerated rapidly” toward Sprankle, who Devine said was forced to push himself off the car’s hood to avoid being struck.

According to Moudarri’s plea agreement, she entered guilty pleas to one count of reckless conduct, a felony, along with one count each of endangering the welfare of a child and disobeying a police officer, both misdemeanors. Temple, after a brief recess to review the matter, sentenced Moudarri to two-to-four years in State Prison, all suspended for three years, on the felony charge, as well as two concurrent 12-month jail sentences, also suspended for three years, on the two misdemeanor offenses. The conditions order Moudarri to stay out of trouble, serve one year of probation, perform 25 hours of community service, write an apology letter to Sprankle, and take a tour of the New Hampshire State Prison.

According to police reports filed at the time, Moudarri, in an attempt to elude police in the area of Mason Street, allegedly “turned the wheel of her vehicle directly at (an officer) while accelerating rapidly,” then leading police on a pursuit “in a densely populated area” while running several stop signs, failing to stop for police, and engaging in the alleged behavior with an 18-month-old child in the car.

The judge had mercy on her and gave her a chance to remain out of prison by being a decent human being, which of course was too much to ask for. Prior to that arrest she also had this one.

Manchester Ink: U.S. Marshals are seeking the public’s help in finding Kiana Moudarri, 20, a suspected gang member who is wanted on an active warrant from New Hampshire for reckless conduct with a deadly weapon, as well as a warrant out of Mass. for probation violation on an original charge of home invasion.

And this one.

Patch: Shai-Ann Molina, 19, of Rivers Edge Road in Lowell, MA, on two counts of felony forgery charges from Oct. 9, and Oct. 10, 2014, for allegedly passing counterfeit $20 bills at the Shell gas station on Main Street and Christmas Tree Shop in Nashua. Kianna Moudarri, 19, of Amherst Street in Nashua, on two felony counts of criminal liability to forgery for allegedly assisting Molina.

And this one.

Lowell Sun: Kiana Moudarri, 18, Nashua, N.H.; possession of controlled/narcotic drugs, transporting drugs in a motor vehicle

Her counterfeit trick had been going on for a couple years prior to getting caught.

And we haven’t even mentioned her backpage days yet.

Yes, that’s right – she used to be part of an online BOGO prostitute sale, but that was back when she was still worth spending money on.

Unfortunately for her when you get knocked up and completely let yourself go your only options are counterfeiting and selling drugs. Then you become this.

And just like that her backpage days were over.

Despite growing up in Tyngsboro she still yearned for the hoodrat lifestyle.

Even I think that life in prison sounds like a bit much, but at the same time she’s not doing herself any favors with some of her Facebook ramblings. She posted this gem about her baby daddy back in May.

Now her and her friend Princess are bragging that despite losing over $100,000 in product and cash to the cops she’s still doing quite well for herself.

And her homegirl is holding it down for her in the meantime.

That child is clearly in good hands as well.

The Nashua Telegraph took down the post because there was so much contentious commentary on it. You might think that it would be impossible to defend a lifetime criminal facing serious jail time for selling drugs while 7 months pregnant, but you’d be mistaken.

Her Daddy was mean to her growing up? So sad. Get over it. Lots of people grow up with bad fathers. Once you have a child of your own it’s up to you to make sure that cycle of neglect and abuse doesn’t continue. She chose to be a Tyngsboro gangsta instead of taking care of her children. This is the life she chose.

A big reason people end up like this is because no one in their circle of friends will tell them the truth.

Amazing mother? She lost the first one because she tried to run over a cop with him in the backseat, and the second one is inside of her while she’s selling crack cocaine out of her apartment. Telling her that she’s a good mother makes her think that her life choices are acceptable, so she keeps making these same choices instead of turning her life around.

And yes, she absolutely deserves jail Grandma Helen. She’s not a drug addict, she’s a drug dealer. She’s gotten chance after chance and blown them all.

The worst excuse came from Morrissa Aponte.

She had to sell drugs while 7 months pregnant because the job market is so bad? We’re living in one of the healthiest economies in history and the unemployment rate had never been lower. The fact that anyone would think it’s virtuous to sell drugs because you’re using the proceeds to buy your kids diapers, is everything that is wrong with society today.


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