Tyngsboro Woman Responsible For Hit And Run On Elderly Man Before Crashing Into Parked Car Is Blaming The Victim, Previously Warned People Not To Drive Drunk


This is Christina Digloria from Tyngsboro.


As you can probably tell by the fact that she struggles to keep her eyes open and looks like she permanently uses Newport Lights scented body spray, Christina likes to hit the bottle. The other night (6:30ish) she decided to drive around shitfaced in Dracut where she crashed into a 61 year old man, left him there to fend for himself, and then kept driving until she crashed into a parked car.

The lawyer for a Tynsgboro woman charged in a weekend hit-and-run crash said Monday in court that the victim may be partially to blame. Police said 46-year-old Christina Digloria hit a 61-year-old man while driving on Lakeview Avenue in Dracut Saturday evening. She allegedly kept driving until she crashed into a parked car. She’s been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and leaving the scene of a crash causing serious bodily injury, and possession of an open alcohol container. At Digloria’s arraignment, her lawyer said the Digloria didn’t see a crosswalk and the victim may have tried to cross the road in the dark in an unmarked area. The victim is now in serious condition at the hospital.

So let me get this straight. It’s the victim’s fault because he’s a pedestrian who was crossing the road and she didn’t see him? Fair enough. But then how does the Tyngsboro Tequila Tornado explain hitting a parked car moments later? Pedestrians by definition are mobile. A parked car by definition is not. I know sometimes it can be difficult to dodge large metal stationary objects like cars, but if you put one too many Zimas in this woman:

All bets are off.

Her Facebook page is amazing too. She doesn’t try to hide the fact that she’s a booze hound.

On New Years Eve she was urging people not to drink and drive. 

That’s like being lectured by a ginger about the importance of having a soul.

In January she was having her friends take bets on what she would be arrested for next.

Somehow nobody picked DUI.

How was DUI not everyone’s first guess? If DUI had a face, this would be it.


In November the mother of 3 or 4 announced that things were about to get real with her landlord because he was messing with her disabled son.

Some people hit disabled children, others hit disabled cars.

She’s also a world class cook.

Damn, those school lunch fries probably taste great when you’re drunk and you just hit a guy and now you got the munchies.


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