UMass Antifa Student And Woburn Resident Caitlin Wilson Celebrates Sudden Death Of Beloved Salem Police Officer On Facebook


Salem Police Officer Dana Mazola was killed while off duty in a car accident last week.

By all accounts he was extremely well loved by his family, the community, and the Salem Police Department. This apparently upset a local COVID manatee named Caitlin Wilson.

Caitlin is a Woburn resident who lives with her father and is a waste of space, oxygen, and gravity, all of which she consumes more than her fair share of.

She proudly presents herself as a member of Antifa, plus sized chapter.

And as you can imagine, she’s a virtue signaling black lives matter ally who hates the police and pretends to care about black and brown people, even though she seems to not have any friends of that persuasion.

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For a woman who looks like she could feed an extended family of cannibals for a month I guess it’s not surprising that she’d be so obsessed with animals that provide us with bacon and ham steaks.

She knows how to regurgitate the right buzzwords, of which she clearly does not know the meaning.


Woke scrabble jackpot.

Someone on her Facebook roster shared the picture of Officer Mazola in his memory and she decided to chime in with this.

And then this.

And then this.

“The only good cop is a dead cop.”

Imagine how empty you must feel every day if you wake up and decide to say something like that about a well liked man who was killed tragically in an incident that had nothing to do with policing. You have to truly hate yourself to project like that, which I guess would be understandable if you saw this every time you looked in the mirror.

This woman apparently wants to be a vet, graduated from Essex Tech in Danvers, and currently attends UMass Amherst .

Feel free to let UMass know how you feel. After all, she’s really into cancel culture, so I’m sure she’d appreciate if she was held to the same standard.


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