Underage Maine Girl Beaten, Urinated On, Humiliated On Social Media By 7 People At Party


In 2017 MVTB published a blog about these 7 degenerates from Maine who were involved in beating up a 17 year old girl, and mocking, laughing and posing over her body for a Facebook photo-op after one of them urinated on her.

Yes. One of them peed on her and then they put it on Facebook. Tia (the victim) is understandably traumtized but somehow still has enough decency to worry that the people who did this are going to get in trouble for it. Personally, I’d be gunning for these losers having the book thrown at them (preferably full force, directly at their faces in hopes of knocking a few teeth out.)

None of these grundle-huffers have a shred of moral decency. Unfortunately for them, I don’t have a shred of respect for back country ditchpigs and since the internet is forever they’re all about to have a very, very bad day. Good luck getting a job after prospective employers Google your name and find out you’re a walking diaper pail.

The two girls in the foreground of this photo are Kayla Buchanan and Sigilia Pinkham. They thought it was cool to kick the crap out of an underage girl and then snap a picture of their achievements. Sigilia has gone on a social media hiatus like the spineless twit that she is. That doesn’t mean we don’t have lots and lots of photos of her ugly mug to pass around though because at TB we always find you.

Here are a few:

And here’s Kayla Buchanan:

It’s easy to act like a couple of badasses when you beat someone up in a 2 on 1 throwdown. Truthfully, I don’t expect anything less from a couple of redneck slugpumps who were probably conceived to the Deliverance soundtrack after one too many PBR’s. I’m sure their parents are bursting with pride right now. Gold star, ladies.

People have tried to justify the situation saying that the knob-squad rejects in the background weren’t involved in beating up the girl who’s laying face-down in the dirt. But you know what else they didn’t do? Stop it from happening, help her up or call the police. Instead they chose to pose for the camera with beaming grins on their faces like a bunch of douchebags.

Newsflash – doing nothing makes you JUST AS ACCOUNTABLE for what happened as the two slags who knocked her out. You don’t take a front row seat and then deny doing anything wrong. That’s not how that works.

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The schlubs on the porch are as follows:

Tyler Michaels: He’s the gentleman who lives at the house where this all went down. He’s a welder/country boy from Corinth who can’t figure out that there’s a “d” at the end of the word “and”. He’s good at serving alcohol to underage girls like a creep and posting relationship advice on social media. Something tells me the only relationship he’s in is with his right hand and even then, he’s probably still friend-zoned.

Anthony Witham: Anthony enjoys whining on Facebook like a pre-pubescent little girl and gets his skid-stained, Hello Kitty Underoos in a bunch because he does everything for everyone and then cries about being under-appreciated. He should see how he feels when someone actually covers him in bodily fluids. He’s a sally-ass crybaby and I don’t even know how he has any friends.




Bryce Tompkins: Bryce suffers from terminal big truck/micro dick syndrome. He immediately tried to take credit for helping Tia like he’s a Carhart wearing, bootleg superhero. Bryce’s idea of “helping” is casually drinking a beer with his thumb up his glory hole and a dumb look on his face.

Bryce wasn’t “gunna” step into a girl fight and some of the stuff that was said was funny but he was an enormous help. Quick! Give him the key to the city for being such a model citizen.

Funny? Funny would be Bryce’s head stuffed into a bees nest while on fire and falling into a wood chipper simultaneously. He graciously offered up his shirt and only asked for it back because he had dinner plans. Nothing works up his appetite like a crying, bleeding girl covered in dirt and piss.

Brittany StPierre: Brittany also perched herself up on the porch like a cockeyed parakeet and didn’t do a damn thing about what was going on. She likely didn’t want to mess up her hair or was too busy snap chatting Tia laying in the dirt. Her idea of helping was probably adding a nice little flower crown filter and some emojis. She perceives herself to be an angel and loves inspirational quotes. She’s 20 years old and gainfully employed at Dunks which is good because I think Dunkin Donuts still employs criminals.

Awww. Brit’s just a country blumpkin with a good heart, y’all. I wonder how much she lays awake at night thinking about her dismal future now. She’s just looking to make some summer memories. You think she’ll add this photo to her 2017 scrapbook? #Blessed

I saved the best for last because this chick, Logan Lizotte, is a real piece of work. She also pulled her Facebook like a coward but not quick enough.

Here she is:

She messaged Tia to tell her just how sorry she was and that she wished she had been there when it happened:

And THEN she posted a disclaimer about how everyone is going to say they helped so they don’t get in trouble:

Hey Logan, you weren’t there? You have her back?

Yeahhh the thing about that is, you were there. Nice try though. Way to flash a smile in that photo and then message the girl and act like you’re her best friend. She even thanked you! Unfortunately, now everyone knows you’re a lying sack of panty-pudding. Sucks to be you.

The bottom line is this:

I don’t give one single, solitary fuck if this girl ran her mouth and called them every name in the book. I don’t care if she swung first. She’s 17 years old and should have never been at this party to begin with. You know what kind of dudes let underage chicks drink at their house? The worst kind. Mistake #1.

Mistake #2 is being stupid enough to put your hands on a girl who’s underage. Those two moldy crotch critters should have enough sense to know that fighting a teenager is not only illegal but it makes you look utterly pathetic. Let me just run out and buy you a 4 foot trophy sculpted like a giant, floppy labia with “world’s biggest pussies” engraved on the side. Congrats!

Every single person in this photo is on the chopping block as far as I’m concerned. None of them did anything to stop what was happening. This is what you get when you breed a bunch of lowest common denominators and send them off into the world. They get boozed up, do some psychotic Lifetime movie shit and then act like they did nothing wrong.

A MINOR WAS BEATEN AND URINATED ON. You can’t come back from that. There’s no way to polish it up or justify what these pukes did (or didn’t) do.


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