Unemployed Deadbeat Tenant Makes $225K On GoFundMe, Convinces Biden To Ban Evictions After Telling CNN She Lost Job As Las Vegas Card Dealer Due To Pandemic


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You may have seen this woman on the news this week:

She goes by Dasha Kelly, and this week the media used her as a prop to push the Biden administration into illegally extending the eviction moratorium by platforming her sob story of being an unemployed Las Vegas casino card dealer who couldn’t afford to pay her rent. She has since raised over $225K and counting on her GoFundMe.


The best part was the end when she told them that her wish is that people would just wear masks, if people has just worn masks she’d still have her job at the casino. To that end she was useful for CNN for two political causes – extending the eviction moratorium and urging states to mandate masking.

But her story doesn’t make any sense.

She gets food stamps and unemployment but had to pawn her laptop and the kid’s beds to keep up with the bills?

She lost her job as a dealer even though the casinos have been fully opened for months, and partially opened for well over a year?

A single unemployed mother of 3 in a blue state applied for federal government assistance and hasn’t been approved?

What casino did she work at?

Why hasn’t she gotten her job back if the casinos are opened?

But CNN doesn’t like to ask questions when they’re trying to push a narrative, so they confirmed absolutely nothing that she said and got her to cry on command while using her kids as dono bait so they could pimp out her GoFundMe.

The local Fox affiliate in Las Vegas wrote a story about her that I read yesterday, but today that link is mysteriously gone. Luckily I copy and pasted the text first:

When CNN knocked on her door, Dasha Kelly panicked, thinking the eviction she’s been dreading was finally at hand.

“You guys honestly freaked me out this morning when you knocked,” she said.

Kelly and her three daughters — Sharron, 8; Kia, 6; and Imani, 5 — are living on borrowed time, two months behind on rent at their two-bedroom Las Vegas apartment. The eviction notice she received is kept in a drawer in the kitchen; out of sight but top of mind.

“I’m not going to lie, because I’m really thinking they’re coming at any moment.”

The federal eviction moratorium that was helping to keep renters in their homes through the pandemic expired Saturday at midnight, paving the way for landlords to vacate tenants that are past due on rent. States are stepping up to help stave off a mass eviction, but not everyone can be reached or helped in time.

Kelly lost her job as a card dealer when Covid-19 forced Las Vegas’ famed casinos to shut their doors last year. She’s had a few temporary positions since, but not enough to keep up with rent. Now, desperate to stay in her home, the 32-year-old has pawned most of her furniture for cash.

The apartment is bare save for a small sofa in the living room and a television. Kelly sleeps on the floor in the larger bedroom while her daughters share a smaller room with nothing but a few doll boxes piled neatly in the corner. They play board games together, giggling on the wide swath of carpet, unaware they may soon be forced out.

“There are days I don’t even want to roll out the bed (or) roll out the floor, you get what I mean?” she said. “How do you explain that to your kids?”

She paused. “I don’t have any words. I think I’ll just break down crying and just hug them, I guess, and let them know everything’s going to be all right and we’re going to figure it out, I guess.”

More than 11 million Americans are behind on their rent, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Congress approved $46 billion to help, but very little of that money has been handed out. In Nevada, a new law states that tenants who have applied for the Cares Housing Assistance Program (CHAP) may not be evicted while their case is being processed. However, the bureaucratic process can be complicated and not every landlord or tenant is keeping up with the ever-changing rules.

Nevada has extended its eviction protection to those who are in the process of applying for rental assistance. The state has also passed a law to seal eviction records from the pandemic.

“I did apply for a CHAP back in June and I thought it was something like they would reach out to you soon, but apparently it’s a process,” Kelly said. “I don’t know if they’ll even be able to help me in time.”

Kelly said she once made as much as $5,600 a night in tips working at a card table near the Las Vegas Strip. Now, she relies on food stamps, meager unemployment and $100 payments for selling her blood plasma as often as she can.

“I’ve always worked. I’ve been working since I was 16 years old,” she said. “It’s just crazy to me that something can come take your job without you doing wrong. I mean, you’re actually doing what you’re supposed to … getting good reviews, showing up to work. Then a virus comes in and then, ‘Oh sorry, you have no job’ … and you didn’t do anything.”

With no money for child care or car payments, the options for returning to work are few. Kelly said she’s hoping a friend may help, but she admitted she doesn’t have many in this city.

“I really don’t have a lot of friends out here, but just the coworkers that I’ve met … I’m hoping they can help, because my parents, they’re in another state and they’re kind of having a hard time themselves.”

Kelly recently posted a GoFundMe account out of desperation, with the goal of raising $2,000.

She was making $5,600 a night before the pandemic and she has no savings? Good thing CNN didn’t ask her about that and chose to focus on her crying sob story instead. After all, the purpose of this reporting was to get the Biden administration to ban evictions, not report the truth. That’s what the media now exists to do – spread disinformation for political purposes, while urging tech companies to ban their competitors who report otherwise.

But if CNN had done any research they’d find out that casinos have been fully opened for over a year, there is a demand for dealers, and all COVID precautions have been put in place.

“Initial customer demand to visit the Las Vegas Strip has been much stronger than anticipated, triggering our decision to reopen Harrah’s Las Vegas, in addition to Caesars Palace, Flamingo and LINQ Promenade, next week,” Caesars CEO Tony Rodio said in a statement. “We look forward to welcoming back guests and employees to a casino resort environment where our enhanced health and safety protocols will be highly visible, including social distancing, frequent cleaning and sanitizing throughout the properties, as well as daily health screenings for all employees who will be at work.”

A quick Google search shows hundreds of dealer jobs available due to the growing demand in April.

Nevertheless they’ve been pimping this woman and her semen demons out like crazy, while treating plus sized Squad congresswoman Cori Bush as some sort of hero for saving Kelly’s family.

For the last week Cori Bush and Jim McGovern have been sleeping on the Capitol steps, stuffing their faces with Oreos and chips while sitting on their cell phones virtue signaling on IG Live.

She said she paid thousands of dollars for her own private security for this, while in the same breath telling CBS that we need to defund the police. She claims that this isn’t hypocritical because there are too many deadbeats not paying rent who are counting on her doing a campout, which hopefully would convince the Biden administration to defy the Supreme Court and end contract law forever by preventing evictions indefinitely.

This isn’t activism, it’s narcissism. The media used Cori Bush and Dasha Kelly to get the “moderate” Democratic establishment led by Chuck Schumer to treat Bush as a hero for forcing landlords and property owners to be robbed by deadbeats. The safety of her majority black constituency in St. Louis will be defenseless when she defunds the police and prevents them from accessing firearms, but if they die it’s no big deal. She, on the other hand, cannot afford to die because she’s too important and so many other people are counting on her. She makes $175K a year in government salary and can easily afford her own private security anyway.

Thank God we got rid of the orange guy so we could return to “norms.”

Dasha Peltrece Kelly was a useful pawn for Cori Bush and Jim McGovern, but there’s nothing anywhere that indicate she was ever a card dealer. On Instagram she goes by Kellythap, and claims she’s going to med school to be a CNA (of course she aspires to be a CNA).

During her sobbing interview with CNN she told them that her family can’t help her out because they’re all poor too. But you can see her brother commenting underneath that picture.

His name is Dave Kelly and he’s a “DJ and event promoter” in Arizona.

According to him he’s moving tens of thousands of pounds were of weight of an unspecified product, but you can probably guess what he’s talking about.




He can’t help her out so it’s OK to rob her landlord.

She comes from a two parent home and her father David Kelly comments on her pictures a lot.

He seems like he’s barely getting by too.

Throughout Dasha’s various Facebook and Instagram accounts she never once mentions the pandemic, its economic effects on her, or make any reference to being a card dealer in a casino. She goes by Love Kelly on Facebook, and by the looks of that page and her IG (which has over 42K followers, most of who are thirsty dudes), you can probably take a wild guess what she does for work in Las Vegas.

She definitely frequents the casinos to work, but it doesn’t look like it’s cards she’s dealing out to strange men.

She was once featured on the venerable DJ Baby Slim’s radio show as their “exotic lady of the week.”

Gee whiz, I wonder how she used to make $5,600 in a night of work?

She is also an aspiring model who goes by Petrece Kelly on IG and Facebook.

Her modeling page also links to a modeling agency page with an Arizona area code called Precise Beauties LLC.


Precise Beauties LLC is a registered corporation in Mesa, Arizona, that is still active and has had updates as recently as May.


Coincidentally she asked her Facebook friends how she could get a SBA giveaway loan from Uncle Sam for her totally legit and profitable modeling business that seems to mostly be pictures of her dressing like an escort.

And if that doesn’t work out she can always just hit up her followers for cash.

In September she posted that she was accepted into the prestigious online med school Northwest Career College in Vegas, which gave her a free t-shirt for signing up for Phlebotomy and Medical Assistance classes.

I don’t know if Dasha Kelly is an actual hooker, but I do know that she doesn’t appear to have ever been a Las Vegas card dealer. Nevertheless she was rewarded for being an unemployed deadbeat in a city where everyone is hiring after a major media outlet pimped out her GoFundMe to the tune of $225K. And deadbeats like her across the country benefitted from this lie by using the media to get the CDC to violate the law by extending the eviction moratorium until COVID no longer exists.


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