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Unemployed Gamer David Leavitt Mobilizes 330K Twitter Followers To Call Virginia CPS To Report Latina Politician For Child Abuse Because She Still Calls It Columbus Day


This is David Leavitt.

David is the most notorious piece of shit currently allowed on the Internet. Here’s what he tweeted out after an Ariana Grande concert in England was bombed in 2017, killing 22.

Anthony Bourdain and thousands of other people called him out for it, and a year later Bourdain killed himself. This is what David Leavitt tweeted about that:

This unemployed Providence jizz muffin was previously featured on Turtleboy in 2020 when he used his Twitter account with over 200K followers to incite harassment of a Target manager named Tori, because she wouldn’t sell him an electric toothbrush for 1 penny.

He was well aware that the $0.01 price tag was something they put on the display placard, and obviously wasn’t intended for the toothbrush itself. But when Tori wouldn’t let him steal it he attempted to weaponize his Twitter followers to attack her, and then called the police on her. The 911 tape was hilarious.

I’m at the Target in Swansea and I’m trying to make a purchase. They have it advertised as a price and they’re not honoring the price. And the store manager is saying that they can’t honor the price. And I showed them the Massachusetts state website that says that they have to honor the price that’s listed in the sign.”

Instead of being ashamed and embarrassed like a normal person, David kept the tweet up and continued to defend himself.

It got so bad that he was also called out by his ex-girlfriend, who he texted and said that he was “standing up to big corporations.”

Going after big corporations is traditionally a hallmark of liberalism, so David believes that by using his platform to attack lowly paid employees of these corporations he’s somehow standing up for the working class. But in reality he’s just a morally bankrupt twatwaffle who doesn’t like paying for things.

That wasn’t his first time he used his social media following to harass minimum wage workers who wouldn’t let him steal from their employers. In 2018 he went after a Walmart employee in Hanover.

He does it because it works, like that time Dunkin Donuts gave him a free gift card for shaming them:

In 2017 he doxxed a McDonald’s employee who wouldn’t let him refill a cup he held onto from days before and never threw in the trash.

Luckily a turtle rider who worked at that McDonald’s reached out to us with a tape of her confronting him at his job at the Marshall’s in Marshfield, and it was glorious.

David’s reaction to being confronted in person by someone he wronged on the Internet is the perfectly encapsulation of everything that is wrong with social media. He is an introverted gaming loser.

In real life people like this have no life and no friends. But give them a blue checkmark and 330K followers and suddenly they’re master of the clitoris.

People like David aren’t at all significant in real life. They play video games, sit at home, and work at Marshall’s. But they’re politically polarizing on Twitter and attack their political adversaries, and for that they get rewarded with likes, retweets, and followers. Twitter rewards them for being divisive and ugly, because that’s what most people on both sides of the aisle want.

The problem is that when you’re out in the real world like David was at Marshalls you can’t hide behind your blue checkmark anymore. He’s a real tough guy when he mobilizes his followers to attack women who are trying to work and pay their bills. But when you actually confront these people in real life they don’t know what to do.


I bring this all up because David is weaponizing his Twitter following to harass women who don’t bow to him again. Tina Ramirez is a random woman from Virginia of no real significance, and she’s running for State Senate. The conservative Latina has only 5K followers, and saw David’s annual Columbus Day tweets about how anyone who still calls it Columbus Day is pro-rape/murder/slavery. She quote tweeted him and said that she was still teaching her daughter about Christopher Columbus and his contributions to modern society.

David did the only thing an emasculated beta male like himself could do when a woman disagreed with him on the Internet – mobilized his followers to call child protective services on the woman for being racist.

Keep in mind, this woman is a racial minority and he’s a white guy. Yet he still feels he is in a position to lecture her about what is and isn’t racism.

But the more disturbing problem is that he believes that disagreeing with him about Columbus Day means you should lose your children to the state. In fairness, David is just saying the silent part out loud. Most modern day communists believe that all of their political opponents should be destitute, imprisoned, killed, deplatformed from social media and all financial institutions, and your children should be raised by the state. It’s why Justin Trudeau froze the bank accounts of truckers in Ottawa, and why institutions like PayPal ban those who don’t get in line with the correct political ideology.

David once again got ratioed badly and called out for his behavior. But just like with Target Tori he wasn’t the least bit ashamed or embarrassed for his behavior, so he doubled down by posting a screenshot of his phone call to child protective services, and complained about the wait time.

By this time he was just getting destroyed in the comments, but it only made him more emboldened to update while he waited on hold.

Keep in mind, this violates all of Twitter’s policies about targeted harassment, and thousands of people have been banned from the platform for tweeting “learn to code” at journalists. But here is a man who now has over 330K followers, using his platform to harass a Latina mother and tie up valuable state resources in Virginia that are supposed to be used to protect children who are actually in danger. Many people did try to report him for targeted harassment, which he was alerted to. This is how he responded.

He really is the biggest piece of shit in the world.

And just when you thought he couldn’t be any more pathetic he then pretended to be the victim and said that he was the subject of targeted harassment because people were mocking him for being so pathetic.


The real assholes are the people who follow him and will continue to like and retweet David next week while pretending like this never happened. All it will take is a tweet criticizing Marjorie Taylor Greene or Donald Trump and his followers will reward him with likes and retweets. Right on cue:

While I was writing this David tweeted this:

It’s a meaningless left wing cliche designed to get engagement. He put no thought into it, much like he put no thought into “go fuck yourself Ted Cruz,” but he knows it’s what left wingers want to hear. His followers immediately forget about all of the horrible things he’s done to innocent women and responded positively to the tweet because he’s saying things they agree with.

David is a nasty, mean bully who attacks innocent women and then hides behind the vail of politics.

If anyone reading this knows where I can find David, or where he works, I’d love to pay him a visit and confront him in person myself. Providence is really easy ride for me. If you know where I can find David in real life please feel free to email [email protected] with your tips.


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