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Unemployed Representative Of Bristol Crew Threatens To Send Mob To Children’s Cheering Competitions, Says She’s Proud Of Friend Josh Abrams



Shannon Pereira, AKA Shannon Pelosi, AKA Masshole’s Wife, was one of the three representatives of the now defunct “Bristol Crew” who appeared in Attleboro District Court for my harassment order hearing with Kate Peter.

After the hearing (which she showed up to in an Adidas track suit of course) she posted a video on her YouTube channel, challenging my claim that the hearing was a victory for TB, and vowing to state the “TRUTH” about what really happened. Unfortunately I saw this woman in person in Lowell last month as our daughter’s both do cheerleading, and I was cordial with her. However, at the end of this video she vowed to send people after me and/or my children at the next competition if I ever wrote about her.

As you can see from the comments, she’s quite the legal scholar.

“Aidan thought that this was a win today.”

Yes, generally if you show up to court to oppose a harassment order against you, and the order gets denied, it’s commonplace to consider that a win.

“The harassment order guidelines do not follow cyber stalking statues. OK, that’s an issue.”

Honey, the judge was talking about laws, not monuments to civil war generals. They’re called “statutes.”

“The judge looked at Kate and said, is there something wrong here? Absolutely. Is there something illegal going on here? Yes there is.”

Actually, he never said that. He said that the things she was alleging (arson, stalking) belonged in a different courtroom because he was trying to get rid of her. She can allege all the crimes she wants, it doesn’t mean they actually happened (spoiler alert – free speech isn’t against the law).

I did file for a HO against Kate Peter because it increased the chances that the judge would throw both of them out. I had no intention of actually getting one on her, which was our entire legal strategy. To the surprise of nobody Shannon didn’t seem to understand this:

“His own lawyer threw him under the bus today. OK, it wasn’t going well for his lawyer, OK. Kate was on tape of her game. I’m gonna say that, alright. She was handling herself quite well. Did it go the way she wanted it to? No it didn’t. But I think it would have had the lawyer not out of nowhere when it wasn’t going his way he goes, “you know what you’re honor I don’t think either one should get the order.” The lawyer threw a curveball in there and if he didn’t I do think the order would’ve gone through.”

Kate had a stack of papers and some laws she tried and failed to school the judge on. Turns out a judge is more familiar with the law than a woman with too much free time who gets legal advice from Ask Jeeves. The attorney didn’t throw me under the bus either, he did exactly what we planned to do – urge the judge to deny both harassment orders. We won.

“I’ve never been kicked out of a courtroom ever.”

Congratulations on the enormity of your achievement. However, you and your friends were asked to go outside by the judge and the bailiff before our case was called because you’re uncivilized swing who doesn’t know how to conduct yourselves appropriately in a courtroom.

“And who were those two groupies with you? One of them needs a major makeover.”

Shannon, you are definitely in a fine position to tell other people that they are in need of a makeover.

I’ve seen Worcester roads in March with less potholes.

Then she suddenly remembered that she was gangsta, and her Boston accent magically appeared faster than you can say Marky Mark.

“And don’t intimidate me Missy with the blonde hair. You want it you can come and get it, I ain’t afraid of you. Get out of here. I don’t know who you think you ahhhhh. Don’t try to stare me up and down like you got something to say. You hide behind your keyboard with a fake name. Get out of here. You know who I am.”


“But be careful because if you come for me I’ll come for you. You can go ahead and post about me I’ll post about you too. I know every competition you’re gonna go to. So you want it out there? I’ll let everybody know, so come and get it boy.”

This is who Kate Peter has left for fans. People who threaten to send mobs to children’s cheerleading competitions where their own children are also competing. Definitely the kind of person I’d want by my side in court.

Yesterday as part of her tour de YouTube Shannon appeared on Josh Abrams’ channel. Josh of course is a rapist who is now good friends with fellow grifter Bristol Blarney. Around the 11:45 they announce where my crotch fruit competes.

I wouldn’t recommend listening to that whole thing because the sound of his voice can make migrant caravans turn away from the border. But here’s some of the highlights:

Josh: “We’re coming after you you piece of fucking shit.”

They talked some more about my kid:

Shannon: “I never threatened his kid. I said I’d release the competition where he was going to be.”

Rapist: “I figured out where his kid was going and I released the information.”

Then she announced as the official spokesperson for Bristol Blarney that she was proud of Josh:

Rapist: “Is Bristol Crew in some fashion changing their tone suggesting that I do have a moral compass and that I’m not such a bad guy?”

Shannon: “I know that they don’t wanna keep attacking you. I think that you guys have actually come a long way. I think that you Josh have taken a lot of responsibility. And everyone can see that you want to make a change. Bristol I feel like this has been a real wake up call for her. Everyone in this has had some type of awakening. Things are gonna be a little different. I can see a big change in you. I’m proud of you. And I think from here on out we (her and Bristol crew) can move forward.” 

Bristol’s crew is “proud” of Josh Abrams for “taking responsibility.” Just a reminder that he went to jail for four months for violently attempting to rape his drug addicted girlfriend in her sleep after he forced her to have sex with a man named Julio while he masturbated and cried in the corner.

Definitely the kind of person I’d want to openly associate with.

Shannon (Pelosi) Pereira’s husband Joseph is another “auditor,” who didn’t take too kindly to a live episode I did in which I correctly stated that anyone who goes around “auditing” the police is a loser.

Joey and his “wife” discussed why people should not subscribe to our channel about six months ago.

I wonder why Joseph Pereira hates the police so much?

Can’t figure it out.

If you think Shannon’s no-nonsense, wait until you get a load of Joey.

Chinstrap Charlie don’t play.

These two love birds have been dating since 2005, and according to their online wedding website they got engaged last year.

If you ever complain about our spelling and grammar I urge you to go read that again and you’ll realize it can get a lot worse.

The wedding date isn’t for another two years.

So it looks like she really should be called “Masshole’s perpetual fiance,” considering they don’t seem to have a venue or anything else that normally comes with a wedding. And it only took him 15 years to put a ring on it in the first place.

Shannon went live with Josh yesterday during the middle of the day, and had time to spend multiple hours at Attleboro District Court on Tuesday. Doesn’t she have to work? Well, it turns out she owns a “business,” called Family Hustle Graphics.

Except it’s not so much a business as it is an unemployed woman with an Etsy account who prints overpriced t-shirts that no one wants.


She recently did a free giveaway on Facebook that got a grand total of one like and zero comments, so clearly there was a lot of buzz going.

This is the new face of the Bristol Crew now. They’ve become buddies with a rapist and are threatening to send groups of people to children’s cheerleading competitions. Looks like leaving Turtleboy worked out great for all parties.


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