Union Leader, Worcester Tech Teacher Who Led Push For Remote Learning Posted Facebook Album “COVID Summer” With Teachers, School Committee Member, Lots Of Kids


Jocelyn Coughlin is a Worcester Tech Science teacher, department head, union leader, and fitness enthusiast.

As you can see, she’s in peak physical condition and thus could not possibly be less at risk from COVID if she tried. Nevertheless she’s been leading the charge for “remote learning” (which isn’t even “remotely” close to an education) because she doesn’t feel like going to work and is using COVID as an excuse, has been spreading fear porn, and has been involved in union negotiations with the Worcester School Committee.

In this manifesto she posted on Facebook she says that schools shouldn’t reopen even with a vaccine because not everyone will get it, and also insists that schools don’t open up until masks and social distancing aren’t required, which could be years.

Remote learning is systemic racism in action. Last year in Chicopee 33% of students of color, 31% of SPED kids, and just 2% of white kids did not attend online “remote learning.”

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When that happens students of color and SPED students, who need teachers in front of them more than anyone, fall further behind, and the achievement gap grows because the predominantly white teaching staffs are afraid of a virus. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of cowards than teachers who put their own “health” above the well being of children. Especially with a virus that doesn’t pose a threat to the vast majority of teachers. If you are “at risk,” then get a doctors note and use your sick days like you would if you had a baby.

But she got her wish and the Worcester School Committee voted to go full remote.

However, that wasn’t enough for her. She also insisted that teachers not be forced to go into the empty buildings while “teaching” remotely, because God forbid they be forced to leave the house, and she got her wish.

In a unanimous 7-0 decision teachers can now work from home in their pajamas, even though there will be no students in the building to spread the virus to them. They don’t have to worry about that so why can’t they go in and sit in their classrooms BY THEMSELVES and teach? The answer is, because many of them also are parents and they need to watch their kids. Unlike teachers the parents of their students don’t have that luxury and will have to quit their jobs and become destitute so these lazy crybabies don’t have to waste gas money and wake up a little bit earlier.

Not all teachers are this selfish though. Another WPS teacher commented that she wanted to go back and got more likes than Jocelyn did.

“We want to be back for them too.”

No you don’t, you fraud. Your “opinion” that it’s safe doesn’t matter. It is safe, and always has been for kids since zero kids in Massachusetts have died from COVID.

Keep in mind, this woman teaches at the voke school where kids take trades. How do you learn how to be a plumber remotely?

Through Zoom and interactive websites. That’s how little these people care about your kid’s education.

Jocelyn also teaches high school, which will be a lot easier to manage than elementary school. In high school she can have 45 minute sessions throughout the day with kids, and they’re old enough to be left alone while their parents work. First graders have one teacher the entire day and will only interact with that teacher for a small portion of it. The rest of the burden will be on the parents, who are not getting paid to do the teachers job for them.

Funny seeing School Committee member Molly McCullough commenting though, since she’s apparently good friends with Jocelyn. We know this because they recently went on vacation together, as can be seen in an album Jocelyn posted entitled, “Summah 2020 (covid summer).”

While looking at these pictures please think about all the kids who will suffer from neglect, abuse, and mental illness as a result of their forced isolation from friends and support systems that school offers.

She also went on another vacation album called Hampton 2020, which has lots of non-familial kids interacting without face masks on.

So it’s OK for her kids and their friends to breathe all over each other, they just can’t do it while they’re learning math.

Look who’s sitting next to her in this picture.

That’s School Committee member Molly McCullough, who also voted for full remote learning and doesn’t want her FRIENDS in the union to have to sit in a classroom by themselves doing the job the taxpayers pay her to do.

On top of that Jocelyn Coughlin also has the nerve to whine that she doesn’t get paid enough money from the taxpayers.

Blah, blah, blah. I was a teacher for 11 years. Certain aspects of the job suck, but you signed up to do this. Get over it. You became a teacher because you allegedly care about kids, and now they’re suffering because of your selfishness. I was compensated fairly as a teacher, had job security that no other profession has, got automatic step raises every year, and never had to worry about health insurance.

She also doesn’t want you even discussing policy, let alone criticizing the selfishness of teachers like her.

“We are all in this together” is the biggest lie since “15 days to stop the spread.”

I can’t tell you how enraged I am to see stuff like this. The nerve to go on vacation, party with friends, ignore social distancing guidelines, not wear masks, post the pictures on Facebook, name the album “covid summer,” and then tell other people that you’re not going to educate their children because you’re afraid of COVID is one of the most egregious things I’ve ever seen a person do. Thank you to all the decent teachers like Erin who want to return to school and really care about the kids, as well as those who have reached out to us to let us know that they’re not ALL like this. Eventually parents have to fight back and let these corrupt unions know that they don’t get to deny our kids the right to an education.


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