Vancouver Police Allows Gang Of Shims To Assault Billboard Chris, Officer Frederike Buchmann Likes Tweets Laughing At Victim After Refusing To Investigate


In January I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Elston, AKA Billboard Chris, when he came to Boston.

Chris is one of the most outspoken activists bringing awareness to the greatest child abuse scandal in history – the widespread genital mutilation of children at the hands of the gender cult. Like all normal and decent people, Chris believe that it’s problematic that places like Boston Children’s Hospital are openly announcing they’re chopping off the breasts of teenage girls and feeding puberty blockers to children, simply because the children announce that they feel like a different gender. This is not hyperbole either, it’s coming directly from videos put out by BCH. Here’s one where they announce that babies in the womb know they are transgender.


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Almost half of these children are autistic, and many experience regret later in life that they cannot undo. They’re children going through a phase, and instead of affirming that they are perfect just the way they are the medical establishment has embraced the idea that what they really need is to chop off their genitals and build things that look like reproductive organs out of spare tissue. If a child says they don’t feel like their arm should be there no doctor would chop it off, but substitute arm with penis or breasts and it’s a different ballgame.

Chris’ point is simple – if kids aren’t mature enough to vote or drink alcohol then they’re certainly not able to consent to their bodies being genitally mutilated.

For taking this perfectly common sense opinion Chris has made himself a target of the most rabid and deranged group of liberal activists on the planet today – the BLT-123 Mafia. He showed up in Boston last September to protest the genital mutilation of children at BCH and was harassed and stalked by some extremely comical Antifa, who told him to “get the f*** out of Boston.”

We identified all these child groomers a day later.

When Chris came back to Boston in January I got to hang out with him for a day and have some conversations with him. He’s a very down to earth person who is dedicating himself to this because he can’t stand by and watch this injustice happen to children. He is not a protester, he’s just a father who wears billboards with common sense sentences written on them like “children cannot consent to puberty blockers,” in order to spark conversation with willing people about the topic. I witnessed him speak with a black mother of 6 from Beverly who had no idea any of this was going on. She, like all decent people, was horrified about how this was being pushed on children in school.

As you saw there, the young white people who oppose Chris have nothing to offer but emotions and feelings, and never come armed with facts. The conversation around transgenderism often centers on the lie that black transgender people are in grave danger. Yet black people more than any other group oppose this cult. Usually the conversation with these deranged white people ends with some Tsarnaev cousin using vulgarity and calling Chris meaningless words like “transphobic” in order to prove how edgy they are.

Chris is Canadian, which is much less permissive of free speech. Canadians, more so than Americans, have embraced the censorious position that speech is equivalence to violence if transgender activists don’t like it. They have elected politicians who subscribe to this ideology, and their police forces do the bidding of these tyrants and groomers.

On Friday Chris was in Vancouver for the Transgender Day of Visibility. As if these freaks don’t make themselves visible every day in our society by hosting drag queen story hours, winning women’s sporting events, and forcing people to use incorrect pronouns. As soon as he arrived he was immediately assaulted by a masked, blue haired lunatic.

They always look like that. Always. We used to rightfully mock people like this because they wore capes to school and said they were vampires. Now the political and cultural establishment caters to them. They have their own month, they get to meet with the President, their flags fly in our schools, and they get sponsored by Bud Light.

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All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause and the news you love.

Chris’ nose was cut and he was bleeding after that encounter, and it’s far from the first time he’s been assaulted by a transgender activist. He told the Vancouver Police, who did nothing to protect him, and even went so far as to say that it was his fault for provoking them, and that the scratches on his nose could’ve come from him.

In Boston, like most American cities, the police departments would be well prepared for an event like this and take proactive steps to prevent violence. But In Vancouver they apparently want their city to turn into a violent chaotic hellhole run by a gang of gender confused rainbow haired children who are upset with the world because their stepdad Luther drank all the Mountain Dew. By doing nothing about the assault the police were sending a message loud and clear to the BLT-123 Mafia – you can hit him and we won’t arrest you. Minutes later while Chris was being interviewed he was assaulted on camera by a deranged Jon Gruden looking fella in drag, who is clearly angry that he will never be the only thing that he wants to be – a woman.

It’s OK to hate these people. I won’t attempt to find common ground with people whose baseline for a conversation requires me to pretend that they are something they’re not. These freaks are actively damaging girls, and are some of the most violent sociopaths walking the streets today. I have no interest in finding common ground and neither do they. They always whine about how transgender people have the highest suicide rates, but when I see people like Dawn Gruden I’m not entirely convinced that’s a bad thing. No rational person could argue that the world isn’t a better place without him.

As you can see, Dawn Gruden had no intention of having a conversation because he knows that any attempt to debate Chris would be futile. Dawn Gruden has a penis, which he looks at every day and wishes wasn’t there. Instead of seeking psychiatric help he has elected to ignore his trouser trout, grow his hair long, and insist that everyone “affirm” the complete lie that he is a woman. He claims that pumping himself full of hormones and using made up pronouns will make him happy, yet despite society bending over to cater to his feelings, he is still angry and disturbed.  Thus his only recourse is to yell “F*** you,” and get in the face of this peaceful and loving father for not joining his cult of delusions.


Dawn Gruden is free to yell like that if he wants, but Chris is also entitled to his personal space. However, because the 30 Vancouver Police Officers had made it clear that they are useless decorations cosplaying as law enforcement officials, Dawn Gruden and Hacksaw Shim Duggan began aggressively leaning into Chris’ personal space.

Same energy:

What is the difference between these photos? In both images a non-violent person is being screamed at by deranged and hateful people who seek to do them harm for acting in the best interests of children. Vancouver 2023 is no different from Little Rock 1957.

There is nothing for the police to investigate here. Chris was entitled to his personal space that was being encroached upon so he put up his hand defensively.

He did not extend his arm or push that man, but Dawn Gruden felt emboldened to assault Chris because he knew that the police were on his side.

Chris fell back and Dawn Gruden punched him in the face.

He ended up being dragged to the ground while Hacksaw Shim Duggan punched him in the back.

That is a violent gang assault, and in a civilized country there would be no tolerance for it. The incident happened as at least 30 cops stood just feet away. They saw it escalating and did nothing. They saw that Chris was peaceful and that the mob was violent, but they considered him the problem. They didn’t arrest or detain anyone.

The similarities between this and the civil rights protests of the 1960’s are striking. White mobs in Birmingham and Little Rock felt enabled to enact violence on non-violent black people because they knew the police would stand by and do nothing. They knew that their violence would be justified as officials blamed the protesters for provoking it. Many in the crowd told Chris that he didn’t have to be there in the park and that he was looking for violence by being present, just as white mobs told black people that they could avoid violence by going to their own schools and restaurants.

Martin Luther King knew that most people in the country opposed segregation but didn’t feel it was the biggest issue and didn’t want to stir the pot with violent racist lunatics. This included President Kennedy. Today most people agree that that mutilating children is bad, but they don’t feel like it’s the biggest issue and don’t want to stir the pot with these violent transgender lunatics. This includes conservative politicians who think the culture wars aren’t worth fighting.

History repeats itself.

Chris is not Martin Luther King, but his tactics are the same. MLK realized that the only way to get the country and elected leaders to mobilize around civil rights was to videotape violent mobs attacking peaceful protesters. The contrast between their non-violent resistance and the evil they were up against captivated the nation when horrifying footage of children being attacked by German shepherds made the 6 PM news.

Chris records these incidents to show the masses how evil the cult of transgenderism is. The problem is that the networks that aired MLK’s footage aren’t airing Chris’ footage. If you get your news from MSNBC, CNN, CBS, or ABC then you will have no idea this happened because they won’t show it. If you get your news from Fox News then you will see it, but it won’t matter because your mind is already made up and you’re not the one needs to be convinced.

After the first assault Chris attempted to alert an officer, but he picked the wrong one. Meet officer Frederike Buchmann.

Chris approached Officer Buchmann, told her that he was assaulted, showed that he was bleeding from the assault, and said that he should be able to protest peacefully in Canada. Her response was, “well……”, because apparently she disagreed with that. She then went on to accuse Chris of scratching his own nose while telling him that he had no evidence. With a smug looking smile on her face Officer Buchmann insisted on seeing the video, as if several eye witnesses and a bleeding man were not enough to warrant an investigation. Apparently no crimes were ever solved in Vancouver before everyone obtained an iPhone.

You could tell just from the way Officer Buchmann was talking to Chris that she had no intention of doing anything. She knew that a crime had been committed, she just agreed with the BLT-123 Mafia that Chris deserved to be assaulted for opposing genital mutilation of children.

She later went on to say it was a mutual fight.

She refused to watch the video at first until they jumped through a bunch of meaningless hoops, like giving her their social security numbers. Several other officers were asked to do something but none of them would even question the Shim-Shim-Sharoos, even as Dawn Gruden taunted Chris by saying “you got your ass kicked” at the 4:35 mark of this video.

Those aren’t cops, those are pigs. Of course anyone who watched the Bruins pick on the Sedin twins in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals knows that you can beat up people in Vancouver and they won’t fight back.

Throughout the attack Officer Buchmann was smiling and laughing at Chris as he got beaten on by the Shim-Shim-Sharoos.

That’s because she’s a heartless, partisan pig masquerading as a cop. In 2021 a Vancouver judge determined that she had been engaged in misconduct in the manner in which she notified the mother of a man who died from cocaine laced fentanyl.

Buchmann, another police officer and a victims services’ worker went to Dan’s home to break the tragic news. In the entrance of the home, Buchmann began by saying, ‘First of all, Glenn is dead,’ which caused Dan, who was in a state of anxiety, to collapse. Dan, who believed that the officer’s conduct was attributable to the mother’s Indigenous heritage and to her son’s economic and social status, filed a complaint to the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner, arguing that the notification was abrupt and lacked compassion. The judge found that Buchmann had committed discreditable conduct, neglect of duty, discourtesy and abuse of authority.

Buchmann also had a Twitter account that was removed late Sunday night after she had been identified by Chris. She never tweeted but she liked a bunch of other tweets that gave us an insight into her mentality, including a tweet from a person who was laughing at the videos of Chris being assaulted.

She saw it and thought it was funny. The smile was intentional. She genuinely could not restrain herself because she lacks empathy.

She also believes that Joe Rogan is a transphobe because he doesn’t think men should be able to beat up on women in MMA, and thinks that America is a shit hole.

She ironically opposes other liberal policies that plague urban cities like open injection sites, the Biden cartel, and the concept of white privilege.

But on the transgender issue she is fully invested in the cult and believes that people like Chris Elston should be assaulted. She’s also a raging feminist with a barren womb who hates Elon Musk and Andrew Tate, and seems to believe that Amber Heard is some sort of victim for taking a dump on Johnny Depp’s bed.


The woke Vancouver Deputy Police Chief Howard Chow is doing what the woke always do – branding themselves as victims because they receive backlash online for their shitty behavior.

“Protecting free speech is one of the most important things we do.”

Clearly it’s not.

This loser then went on to say that he wasn’t embarrassed by Buchmann’s behavior, but was appalled by things people were saying on Twitter about how useless and corrupt his officers are.

Imagine being a grown, professional man and using a hashtag called #NotOkay. Cringe.

Four days into their “investigation” no one has been arrested.

“Investigators believe there may be additional witnesses who have not spoken to police, as well as bystander video that may show different perspectives of what occurred,” said a release from VPD.

Translation – they’re waiting for witnesses to come forward with videos showing other angles that prove that this was Chris’ fault. They believe those videos are out there because they want them to be out there. Until then they’re doing nothing.

I blame the media for this more than anything. MLK knew that he had to win over hearts and minds of Americans or nothing would change. He was able to do that, but only with the assistance of the media who publicized what was happening. Today’s corporate controlled media is agenda driven, and the narrative they are pushing is that transgender people are victims, not aggressors. Showing what happens to people like Chris Elston, and telling the truth about what is happening to children in gender clinics, doesn’t align with that narrative, so more than half the country has no idea it’s happening. Until the media is fixed nothing else will be.

P.S. I interviewed with Chris starting at the 10 minute mark of Sunday’s Live Show.