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Various Police Departments Rally Around 4 Year Old Leominster Boy Whose Mother Was Murdered In Athol Last Month


As reported on TB Daily News, an Athol man was arrested last month for killing a Leominster mother, and then posting “RIP Kelsey” on Facebook after they discovered her body.

We have a followup on this story, and it’s much less depressing and awful.

Im not crying, you’re crying.

These are the stories the mainstream media won’t report on because it doesn’t fit their agenda. It’s one of the greatest acts of kindness I’ve ever seen. The police involved in this investigation were personally invested in this story, so it wasn’t enough for them just to make an arrest for Kelsey’s murder. Kudos to to them for not only helping the family of the deceased work towards justice, but to followup with the kid and help him get through this unimaginable tragedy. His memories of his mother will be faint and distant, and that’s not fair. Nor is the fact that his grandparents are now thrust into the role of parents once again because some chud in a flat brimmed hat couldn’t control his temper. But stories like this remind you about the good that humanity has to offer. This little boy wants to grow up to become a cop now, and the police should be commended for their act of Christmas joy.

P.S. I found the one turd who complained about police resources being wasted on this.



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