Vegas Woman Facing Eviction Is Not The Mother Of 3 Girls Featured On CNN Used For $225K GoFundMe To Extend Eviction Moratorium 


Editor’s Note: The real mother of the 3 girls being used for this GoFundMe scam will be joining me on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM. Subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here, and tune in every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night at 9.

Earlier today we published a blog about a questionable GoFundMe that CNN was promoting for an alleged single mother in Las Vegas named Dasha Kelly, who claims to have lost her job as a casino card dealer due to the pandemic, and as a result was facing imminent eviction. Not only has this promotion helped Dasha Kelly raise over $225K, her story was also shared with Congresswoman Cori Bush from Missouri, which got President Biden to extend the ban on evictions indefinitely. However, Dasha Kelly was never a card dealer, and appears to be a call girl who runs a failed modeling business based out of Arizona. Nevertheless CNN has continued to use her story to push their political agenda.

But there’s something much more nefarious to this story – Dasha Kelly is not the mother of these three girls as she claims. She is using them to raise money for herself, and they are being coached to do so by her boyfriend David Allison, the father of the girls. Their real mother is named Shadia Hilo, and these are 3 of her 7 children. She works two jobs, is currently pregnant, and has been attempting to contact CNN for two days now, ever since she saw her children being used by this deadbeat tenant to enrich herself.

I briefly spoke with Shadi this afternoon. She is distraught and wants to tell her story on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM. Subscriber to our channel by clicking here.

Dasha doesn’t even know their real names and is not returning the children because she needs to use them as a prop.

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There are pictures of the three girls all over Alex’s Facebook page, and she is lighter skinned, just like the girls.

A Justice for Shadia Hilo Facebook page was started but it hasn’t pick up many followers. Go and like it by clicking here.

We need all hands on deck on this one. What CNN is doing is criminal. Imagine what it would feel like to be a working mother in need of help, only to see your children being used by some failed Vegas escort to raise money for herself. If people are feeling generous they should donate money to the girls’ real mother. Imagine what it feels like to have your kids faces plastered on the television and have another woman telling the world that she is their mother. Imagine how helpless you would feel trying to contact the media and not hearing back from them because they’re too busy using your children to push a political agenda.

This is evil. Cori Bush is evil. CNN is evil. And GoFundMe is evil for allowing this to happen. We need everyone to stop what they are doing and report this GoFundMe immediately. Then we need you to post this blog everywhere, in every comment section on Facebook underneath a story about this. Tweet it at blue checkmarks with large followings and tell them to retweet it. Tweet it at CNN reporters lying about this. Tweet it at politicians, political pundits, or anyone you think would be interested in exposing a scammer. These girls and their mother deserve justice.

See you at 9 PM.


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