Vermont Police Kill Fitchburg Man Suspected Of Murdering Ex-Girlfriend, “Brothers” Defend His Honor In Comments


Earlier in the week a woman from Harvard named Mary Anderson was reported missing by her parents. Days later her body was found in Brattelboro, VT, in a car registered to her ex-boyfriend Matt Davis, who currently was living in Fitchburg but was originally from Pittsfield. Shortly after that it was reported that he was killed by Vermont State Police when they attempted to question him. Mary Anderson’s autopsy revealed that she was killed by a gunshot to the head.

What time we protesting? Just kidding. Unlike BLM we don’t honor dead shitbags and blame the cops who killed them just because we share a similar phenotype. This completely kills every dumb BLM narrative you hear whenever a white guy gets taken alive.

“If he was black he would’ve been killed.”

“They killed Michael Brown and George Floyd over petty theft but they let Dylan Roof surrender and took him to Burger King.”

Turns out the cops don’t kill you you when you surrender yourself, which is why there are some black people in prison today. They don’t all get shot. It’s also why Dylan Roof is being executed by the state now instead of by the police – because he put his gun down, came out with his hands up, and surrendered himself to law enforcement. When you run from or fight with police you run the risk of getting shot. It’s not brain surgery.

Matt Davis was an animal and the police did the world a favor by eliminating him. He thought he could control women, and when they didn’t wanna be with him he thought it was OK to try to kill people over it. In 2009 he went full Phil Leotardo by hiding in his baby momma’s closet in Pittsfield, then jumped out of it when she fell asleep with her new boyfriend and tried to kill him.

Matt Davis, who was fatally shot Tuesday night during a confrontation with police in Vermont, was indicted in 2009 in connection with a stabbing incident in Pittsfield earlier that year. According to a Pittsfield police report, Davis reportedly hid in a closet in the apartment of the mother of his two children. The woman told police she was in bed with another man around 4:30 a.m. on Feb. 17, 2009, when Davis came out of the bedroom closet where he had been hiding and began attacking the man with a knife. The man got out of the bed and ran to the front door located down a set of stairs, the police report said. The woman told police that as the man was fleeing “he was yelling that he needed help and that he was dying.”

He was later indicted on charges of armed assault to murder, armed assault and burglary, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and entering at night and wound up serving time at Northeast Correctional Center in Concord until his parole in January of 2015.

The only bright side about that was that his kids didn’t have to grow up with him as a male role model.¬†Shockingly his 5 years in prison did not rehabilitate him, and he came out the same person he was when he entered.

Everyone agrees that this guy was a useless oxygen thief at best. Everyone except two guys named Jasean and Joe Davis, who claimed to be his brothers and showed up to defend his honor on the Boston 25 News Facebook page.


I’m as confused as you are by Joseph.


Sorry Joe and Jasean, but your shitbag brother spent his limited time on earth trying to kill people because he couldn’t figure out how to cope with being dumped, and the world is a safer place without him in it.


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