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Video: Braintree Middle School Teacher Tells Kids They’re Racist For Wearing Doo-Rags And MAGA Hats On School Trip, Warns Them They’ll Get Hurt


As most of you know, I was a public school teacher for 11 years prior to starting Turtleboy. I support teachers, but I also hold them to a higher standard. They’re supposed to use their position to teach kids, not brainwash them with propaganda. This is something I hated to see when I was teaching (although it’s pretty rare) and something I feel compelled to call out when I see it now.

A reader sent us a video from his son’s class trip to Washington DC last year, in which his teacher is lecturing students about why they wouldn’t be allowed to wear MAGA hats or doo-rags on the trip. Evidently this video just surfaced, and it’s completely unacceptable for a teacher to say these kind of things to children.

Here’s the transcript of the video:

I have noticed some extremely inappropriate behavior. Those of you who purchased doo-rags will not be wearing them anywhere else. What you are doing is appropriating someone’s culture. You are in public. People don’t know you. You get get……hurt, if something happens, if someone sees you. It is NOT funny, it is extremely racist. So from now on you are not wearing any hats of any kind off the bus, you can wear them in the hotel, they are not coming on the cruise. And if you have a problem with that you can sit next to me and Mr. (inaudbile) back to the hotel by yourself. We will not be doing any visiting today, I’ve already decided. I hope that we can have a good time on this cruise. You showed us this morning that you can behave yourselves but then apparently lost it. You are making this trip bad for yourselves and for everyone else.

The woman’s name is Kelly Proulx, she’s a 6th grade teacher at South Middle School in Braintreeand she looks exactly how most of you imagined she would.

It’s every woke white woman ever. The one who tries way too hard to prove that she’s not a racist, gets off on calling young white men racist (see Covington Catholic), and doesn’t realize that the things she says reveals her own racism.

Just to be clear, there’s nothing racist about wearing a doo-rag. If you think that this is “culturally appropriating” black culture, then you clearly have a cartoonish image of what it means to be black in America. Not all black men wear doo-rags, and many white people wear them to keep the glare off of their bald heads. Generally from my experience anyone who uses the phrase “cultural appropriation,” while not mocking social justice warriors for using it, are white people who are trying way too hard to prove that they’re one of the “good ones.”

The fact Ms. Proulx believes that black people just go around “hurting” children who wear doo-rags in public, shows me how little she actually interacts with black people. It also illustrates that she believes that black people are so animalistic that they would resort to physically hurting children if they see one of them wearing a doo-rag or a MAGA hat. If she finds out who Candace Owens is I think her head will explode.

More disturbingly is the fact that a person in a position of power and authority is calling children racist for wearing a MAGA hat, simply because she doesn’t care for Donald Trump. She made that perfectly clear the day after he was elected.

If you don’t like Trump, I get it. But if you’re a teacher it’s not your job to tell children that they are racist for supporting him. It’s unprofessional and disgusts me as a former educator.

Then again, she’s basically Martin Luther King Jr because she went to a Patriots game a few years ago and told the players they were allowed to kneel.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear pretentious hipster glasses.

Although calling a bunch of black football players “boys” when they’re actually grown adults, is arguably much more racist than wearing a doo-rag in public. As is the fact that she thinks that black men need her permission in order to do something.

But her actions were validated because the woman who gave her a high five was black.

In the face of racism only this one brave white woman had the fortitude to not only tell black men that they had her permission to kneel, she also didn’t care about the glaring looks she got from people for doing so. She busted out her white privilege card, which she always keeps handy for emergencies like that, and used it to educate those who didn’t read Vox that morning.

So stunning. So brave.

Thank you for your service Becky.


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