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Video Of Zoom Meeting Shows MNA VP Marie Ritacco Urging Nurses To Harass Replacement Nurses, Prevent Hospital From Functioning By Blocking Entrances


Last night on the live show we showed the world video of a Zoom meeting in which MNA Vice President Marie Ritacco urges striking St. Vincent’s nurses to block the entrances in order to prevent the hospital from functioning in its normal capacity. (Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and always get content like this first every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 PM.)

She specifically tells nurses to “be at the entrance and exits,” brags that “we’re turning away delivery trucks every day,” and makes it clear that she’s happy to see the hospital unable to function properly because of these tactics:

“This is impeding the ability of the employer to do business as usual, we’re making it difficult. We have to do that.”

She justified the organized bullying and doxxing campaigns of the nurses who have chosen to cross the picket line.

“No one ever died from being called a scab. When I see scabs I call them out, they’re scabs. We need to push a little bit.”

No one has ever died from being called a cunt either. I wonder if Marie would like it if I followed her around calling her that.

She tells striking nurses to aimlessly walk back in forth in front of the entrances and exits, which they have been doing.

“We need a constant flow of people at the entrances.”

She makes it clear that simply showing up with a sign to strike isn’t enough.

“Standing on the side with the picket signs is not really the purpose of an active striking picket line.”

Who does Marie Ritacco think she is exactly? Jimmy Hoffa? You are not the Teamsters Union. You’re a bunch of women who were making Tik Tok videos 9 months ago. You want people to feel bad for you when you’re bragging bout turning away trucks with supplies necessary for quality healthcare? What if your sick mother was in there and needed food or medication that couldn’t get there because of this stunt?

There’s a lot of great nurses out there, and I’m naturally sympathetic towards them in any fight they have with management. But it’s clear that Marie Ritacco doesn’t understand that Zoom meetings are never private, doesn’t understand that public approval is one of the most important things you need when you strike, and the MNA needs better leadership. This is not how you strike.


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