Video Shows Drunk Tyngsboro Mom Hitting Parked Car With No Lights On, Trying To Flee In Stilettos After Hitting Lowell Court Officer And Almost Falling On His Body


The other day we published a blog about a Tyngsboro woman named Christina DiGloria who got hammered during the afternoon, hit a pedestrian on a main road in Dracut, and left him to fend for himself before smashing into a parked car. And she looked exactly as you imagined she would.

Since then it’s been revealed that the 61 year old man she hit was a Lowell District Court Officer and a former Lowell Sun employee, and that she was so drunk that she almost fell on the victim while police tried to render aid before fleeing the scene.

Dracut Police reports available in court documents state that a witness to the crash told officers he was driving westbound in the area of 1629 Lakeview Ave. when he slowed down to allow a pedestrian — later identified as O’Brien — to cross the road. According to court documents, the witness said at that time O’Brien was struck by a vehicle driving in the opposite direction, which caused the victim to “go (airborne).”

Court documents state the driver of the vehicle who struck O’Brien — later identified as Digloria — initially stopped at the scene of the crash and even approached a group of people gathered around the victim as he laid unresponsive on the sidewalk. Police said in court documents that Digloria appeared “unsteady on her feet” and was “slurring her words” at the scene.

“At this time, Christina was hovering over Paul, close to me, and was again unsteady on her feet and I had to brace her from falling onto Paul,” a police officer said in court documents. “I shouted to the group for someone to move her away from Paul as we rendered aid.”

Court documents state Digloria then walked away from the scene, got back in her car and drove away. Police took Digloria into custody a few minutes later when court documents state she crashed her car into a parked vehicle on Michael Road. According to court documents, police said Digloria appeared intoxicated, smelled like alcohol and failed multiple field sobriety tests, but refused a chemical breath test. Court documents state that police found four empty Smirnoff “nip” bottles inside a bag in her vehicle.

We’ve also obtained footage of her second crash where she sideswiped a parked car, which are really hard to avoid because unlike civilians they don’t have the ability to try to jump out of the way. As you will see she was driving on the wrong side of the road, didn’t have her lights on, then got out of her car and stumbled around in stilettos to assess the damage to the back of her car, which wasn’t hit at all.

The best part was when she tried to stand in the same spot for more than 5 seconds and started falling over backwards before catching herself.

Standing is hard.


As you can see if you watched the video, she tries and fails to drive away but her car no luckily no longer worked. Now she has the nerve to blame the victim. Good luck with that defense in court. These Facebook posts should def help too Zima Gonzalez.



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