Video Shows Kylie Kirkpatrick’s Scamming Son Tormenting Smaller Boy, Brady Sullivan Allows Him To Go Through Resident’s Trash, Raise Money For Cancer Scam


Last week we published a blog about school lunch scammer mom Kylie Kirkpatrick, after a Napa, CA court issued a warrant was for her arrest because she violated the conditions of her probation by starting a GoFundMe and 2 blogs detailing her alleged battle with cancer.

The disgraced ex-con, who now lives with her adult daughter in Warren, RI, had a hearing on the matter the next day. Her court appointed lawyer claimed that creating the blogs and the GFM were not a violation because neither is considered social media. He also clutched his pearls and feigned outrage that we used words like “supposedly” when referring to her cancer diagnosis. Because apparently you’re not allowed to question a woman’s truthfulness when she’s facing 8 felony counts of fraud for profiting off of the lie that her 9 year old son Ryan Kyote donated his $75 allowance to pay off his classmates’ school lunch debts.

During the hearing Kylie and her lawyer both spoke and said that she would provide proof that she has cancer, so the judge set up another court date in a couple weeks where they will revisit the matter. She said she has been undergoing radiation treatment as well. In the meantime the warrant was dropped until then, but if she can’t prove that she has cancer then she can be arrested. Kylie took this as a victory and threw up her arms in joy.

You will notice that she looks plumper than ever and has a full head of hair. This is interesting because in her GoFundMe she said she had completed 5 rounds of chemotherapy.

Not everyone who goes through chemo loses their hair, but Kylie looks completely healthy (for her) and unaffected by whatever treatment she’s supposedly getting. It’s more than fair to speculate if she’s telling the truth considering this was the end result of the last feel good story she told to raise money for herself:

After the blog was reached I received a message from a person who lives in Kylie’s building in Warren and recognized her. According to the source she is still up to her old tricks and is using Ryan for her scams:

We live in the Tourister Mill building where you have to go through an “extensive” background check to be approved to move in. We notified the management after first discovering your last story about her and they claimed they had no idea but obviously have done nothing. She is despicable and has tried other scams around the building, using her son. She must be stopped.

So what was the scam? Apparently Kylie has taught him to pretend to be a hard working young man looking for odd jobs so that he can rummage through people’s trash:

The kid was handing out business cards to take people’s trash to the dumpster then was seen digging through their stuff instead of throwing it out. Office shut him down after that. Then was trying to deliver people’s packages from the lobby to their lofts and then packages started going “missing” so the office put a stop to it. There are over 200 units of luxury lofts and they keep trying different ways to take advantage of people in the building. Mainly because they don’t know her history. 

The Tourister Mill apartments are right on the water and are a desired place to live. Currently there are no apartments available for rent. I contacted them about this and a man named Adam Medeiros, who works for Brady Sullivan (the company that owns the building), told me that although he can’t confirm who lives there, they do a thorough background research on all applicants. I asked him why her felony charges didn’t come up and he asked me to send him an email. When the email for [email protected] came back rejected I called back and asked him whether or not Brady Sullivan was going to allow her to continue to prey on residents. He hung up on me.

According to the source Kylie is also texting people in the building soliciting donations:

The flier she sent out in these text messages to building residents says that her cancer treatment has been “aggressive,” and Ryan is the starting forward for his middle school soccer team.

This is all just part of her scam.

“Kylie has always done everything herself, is the first to help anyone, and has passed her generosity and kindness to her 2 beautiful children.”

She actually wrote those words about herself. That’s how much of a sociopath she is.

The fact of the matter is that Kylie doesn’t do anything “herself.” She uses her children as accomplices because she knows it’s a more effective way to pull on people’s heart strings and scam them out of their hard earned money. She hasn’t helped anyone but herself, which is why she’s facing 8 felony charges for fraud. The only traits she has passed onto her children are the ability to scam and hurt innocent people.

You’ll notice that her flyer contains a link to her Venmo. According to The Atlantic, Venmo is considered social media because there is a newsfeed.

If so, this would be a violation of the order. Her websites, which have since been taken down, also contained links to share on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, sending mass texts out to people she barely knows effectively does the same thing as posting about it on Facebook.

Ryan Kyote is a victim of hers, but it’s likely too late to save him. His values have already been molded by her and he will perpetually see her as the victim, because that’s likely what she’s been telling him. Kylie likes to portray Ryan as a loving child who is sensitive to the feelings of other children. It’s the basis of the whole lunch money scam. But here is a video a Napa mother recently posted of Ryan tormenting her son Drake on Drake’s birthday at a theme park, which shows how Ryan treats his peers.


That video was shot by Drake’s older sister who was babysitting the boys that day and reached her breaking point. Drake repeatedly asks Ryan to leave him alone repeatedly. He’s crying and pleading with him as he tries to walk away from Kylie’s son. But Ryan, who is much bigger than the other boy, torments him over and over again by stepping on the back of his shoes while Drake runs away. At one point he corners the boy, and repeatedly plays dumb when the boy begs him to stop.



Ryan has been trained to lie, so he always has an excuse for his behavior:

“I’m just walking straight like a human being.”

This is learned behavior. Ryan has been taught that it’s OK to hurt other people in your community, and when you get caught you just play dumb. This isn’t “lifting other people up.”

Ryan knows how to scam people like Kamala Harris. Both he and Kylie know that she could campaign on a feel good story like his, which is why she primarily targeted liberal politicians. But Kamala obviously doesn’t care because she’s about as genuine as he is, and they all used each other to get where they are today.


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