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Videotape Shows Jeremy Winslow Purposely Driving His Jeep Into Justin Moura Before Tanya Hall Was Killed


There was a pretty big update in the shooting death of Tanya Hall yesterday as video of Jeremy Winslow running over Justin Moura with his Jeep was played in court.

From NECN: Prosecutors say Moura and Hall’s boyfriend, Jeremy Winslow, got into a fight inside the bar. Moura allegedly followed Winslow outside, chased down his blue Jeep, and then opened fire, hitting Hall in the back with a bullet.

According to defense attorney Stephen Rosecan, Moura claims this was an accident and that he never meant to hurt Hall. Rosecan asked Jusza if Moura said, “I can’t believe a girl my age is dead.” Jusza replied that the suspect was being quoted correctly. Rosecan presented a segment of surveillance video from outside ManchVegas that shows Winslow’s Jeep lurching forward, hitting Moura, and throwing him to the ground.

“Not only had the Jeep come forward and struck Mr. Moura, but he claimed to hear Mr. Winslow say, ‘I will kill you,'” Rosecan explained.

The defense claims that Moura pulled his weapon in self-defense and chased the Jeep to get a license plate number, and that his firearm only discharged because it was possibly struck by Winslow’s Jeep swerving into him again before taking off.

“Unfortunately, accidents happen. Tragic accidents happen, and this was a tragic accident,” Rosecan told the court.

Here’s my quick thoughts on this one:

  1. What happened on that tape is not self defense. He was angry that he got hit by the Jeep and was trying to track Jeremy Winslow down.
  2. Guns don’t discharge because you got hit by a car.
  3. You don’t pull your loaded gun out because you’re mad, especially if you’ve been drinking.
  4. Tanya Hall died because of what SJWs would call “toxic masculinity.” Two idiots couldn’t control their tempers and she got caught in the middle.
  5. Juicin Jeremy lied when he said they surrounded his Jeep and were punching his window.
  6. Juicin Jeremy should be facing much more serious charges than driving with a suspended license and possession of cocaine. He provoked the entire thing by using his Jeep as a weapon and arguably tried to kill Justin Moura. He failed to provide immediate medical care to Tanya Hall. He lied to the police afterwards.

Someone is going to have to pay for this. That tape is a little grainy, but Justin Moura was on the passenger’s side of the Jeep when it allegedly swiped him while Jeremy was driving away. I suppose his lawyer will try to prove that it’s possible that Jeremy drove onto the sidewalk and hit Justin’s arm (again) triggering the gun to go off, and hitting Tanya because she was closer to him. Seems like a long shot though. Either way it’s inexcusable for him to have his gun out like that in the first place, so he’ll have to pay for her death. But as much as I do blame Justin for this, I still blame Juicin Jeremy more. He’s a domestic abuser who couldn’t control his temper, hit someone with his Jeep, put her in immediate danger as a result of that, and than cried like a bitch on the news.



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