Violent Conflict Breaks Out Between Meth Mile Miscreants In Streets Of Boston  


Here’s a fun video from what appears to be Boston to start your day.

Let’s go to the play by play.

It begins with Crystal Crackpipe talking a real big name to El Fupacabra after one of them presumably defecated in the other one’s tent.

Pills Lane attempted to stop the inevitable but only ended up getting some rib and head shots from Crystal Crackpipe.

He quickly came to regret that even more when he was introduced to Newton’s Fourth Law of Motion – a fupa in motion remains in motion until it knocks over whatever object is in front of it.

Tweeker Thompon in the red hoodie was the only one who was with Crystal Crackpipe, but unfortunately for Crystal she wanted no part in the fight. Unfortunately for Tweeker Thompson Grizzy McGrundle decided neutrality wasn’t an option and began beating the bag out of her anyway.

While this was happening Pills Lane finally was able to remove himself from the combat zone as Pole Polisher Patty joined in and began helping out her friend El Fupacabra, who at this point was on the ground and had reached the hair pulling stage of the fight.

Realizing she was outnumbered and had made a horrible decision Crystal Crackpipe attempted to extricate herself from this dangerous situation. But it was too late. Now you’s can’t leave.

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Meanwhile Pay Per View Paulie and Jenny Jorts were enjoying their front row seats to the rowdy down.

In one of the most legendary moves of all time Grizzly McGrundle was able to actively smoke her blunt without putting it down the entire fight.

Even as Tweeker Thompson attempted to get away McGrundle kept dog walking her while the blunt remained lit in her mouth.

That right there is brisk, son!

Somewhere along the way El Fupacabra had become disrobed and showed off her Pillsbury pinata.

At this point Crystal Crackpipe wisely attempted to use the only weapon she could use against El Fupacabra – her arch-nemesis gravity.

After 90 seconds of that both parties agreed that that was way too much exercise for one day and decided to call it a draw.


But we all look forward to the rematch.



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