Viral Tweet Video From Northeastern Teaching Assistant Alleges Police Brutality In Boston After Violent Armed Felon Is Arrested In Jamaica Plain


Simon Purdue is a PhD candidate and cohort at Northeastern University.

According to Simon’s bio on NU’s website he’s studying “issues surrounding racism, gender, and violence, specifically looking at the gender politics of global white supremacist movements from 1969 and 1999.”

He has his Masters’ Degree in “Social and Cultural History of Medicine,” and has been a teaching assistant at NU since 2016. He lectures students on “topics such as the global far right,” and also served as “editorial assistant at Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society in the 2017-18 academic year.” He also specializes in the “interconnected and global nature of far-right politics and culture, framing white supremacy as a world-historical issue,” and has previously worked on “policing and racism in the United States.”

In other words, he’s avoiding employment for as long as possible while accruing massive amounts of debt for a PhD and brainwashing impressionable 19 year olds so he can pay his rent in the meantime. His entire world, and the only thing he knows, is academia. He has no idea how to make a living outside of it, and the only thing he is trained to do is indoctrinate quite possibly the most easily indoctrinated demographic human beings on the planet – white kids at Northeastern. When it’s all said he will have a worthless piece of paper whose only power is the perceived ability it now gives him to lecture other white people about how racist they are.

He’s basically these people with a college degree.

Simon is your typical gentrified progressive who must’ve moved around the Jamaica Plain area because he was out and about the other night and filmed two police officers attempting to arrest a violent offender who was actively resisting. He posted the encounter on Twitter and virtue signaled for retweets, but like so many of these videos he doesn’t show what happened that led up to the incident (and he filmed vertically, like a savage).

“I’m not reaching”

Yes you are. You’re moving your hands towards your body instead of putting them behind your back.

“I’m recording bro, he’s not reaching bro.”

Oh OK. Now that the man standing 4 feet away from them filming has decided that he’s not reaching, I guess that settles that.

“I can’t breathe.”

“You can breathe.”

“I can’t breathe.” 

Excuse me Generic Garner, but it seems that if you couldn’t breathe then you wouldn’t be able to say you can’t breathe multiple times.

Then Simon Purdue chimed in.

“Just put the cuffs on him if you’re gonna put the cuffs on him.”

It would probably be a lot easier for them to put the cuffs on him if he stopped resisting and put his hands behind his back. But please, lecture the police more on how to do their job. I’m sure he would love if they showed up to one of this lectures and critiqued his latest lesson on the dangers of toxic masculinity.

Felon: “What did I do?”

Simon: “I didn’t see you do anything.”

He wants so desperately to be accepted by these people in order to show that he’s one of the “good white people.” But he doesn’t realize that interfering with a lawful arrest and siding with a criminal like this only proves that you’re a dreadful person to be around.

The tape shows two cops trying to arrest a man who won’t submit. It’s dark and they’re on a side street. Their backs are to traffic and the two people who are filming while yelling racial slurs at them. This put them in immediate danger.

As you can see in the still photos he’s got his arms out in front of him and is crawling around because he refuses to put them behind their back. This is called “resisting arrest.” It takes almost four cops to subdue him without using a tazer.

If they’d shot him it would be no big loss. One less violent felon off the streets. Plus, we all know that Rachael Rollins is just going to catch and release anyway, since this is her primary voting base. But it’s a credit to the police that they’re able to restrain a violent felon like this, while exposing themselves to immediate danger, and not have to use lethal force. This is supposedly what activists wanted until it actually happens. I guess they’d prefer that violent offenders like this just walk the streets and hurt innocent people.

But according to Simon Purdue this was an “insane display of police brutality,” because the guy was walking down the street, minding his own business, and was attacked by two racist cops while walking to choir practice. He lied in his tweet, which has been retweeted  almost 400 times, and said that they didn’t give him a chance to put his hands behind his back. They clearly did, and he reached for what they thought was a gun. Turns out it actually was a gun.

Check the time stamps. He tweeted this at 8:18, and the incident happened half an hour before that in the same neighborhood. The criminal’s name is Osagie Mastin, and he was arrested in 2017 possessing a loaded, illegal, unregistered AK-47.

Because getting his hands on unregistered guns, using them to commit crimes, and resisting arrest are the only things he knows how to do. His long term plans involve going in and out of jail for the rest of his life, and this is who a teacher at Northeastern is openly siding with.

Simon Purdue couldn’t believe that the police didn’t ask him for a statement either.

Because he’s just that important, don’t ya know?

The mental gymnastics that Simon Purdue had to go through in order to stand up for this career criminal was staggering.

But blatantly false anti-police like this have consequences, because not everyone is smart like our readers. These are the tweets Purdue has liked since the incident.

These people get off on trying to sew distrust between black people and the police. It’s evil.

He liked another tweet in which a guy called the cops terrorists.

Why is Northeastern letting someone teach classes at their school who refers to cops as “goddamn terrorists?” Feel free to ask them yourselves. This is a city where two actual terrorists shot and killed a campus cop six years ago after blowing up a marathon. Glad to see one of the city colleges has teachers who teach students that cops are the terrorists, and armed career criminals are the victims.


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