Wachusett School Committee Members Kicked Out Of Public Meeting For Refusing To Wear Masks Despite Holden Principal Taking Selfies In Office Without Mask On


Last night at a Wachusett Regional School Committee meeting two elected representatives from Princeton and Rutland were forced to leave because they refused to wear masks.


This happened after a member from Paxton named Karl Ottmar, who is chair of the subcommittee, refused to start the meeting until they put masks on. Karl Ottmar was one of the people at the August meeting I attended who walked in without a mask on, pulled it out of his pocket, and then put it on once he realized everyone was looking.

He is a fraud and a tyrant, and clearly is suffering from some sort of undiagnosed mental illness.

Holden does not have a mask mandate, but the public schools across the state do. They choose to have the School Committee meetings in one of the only buildings in town where COVID apparently exists, which is why they feel the need to force people to wear face diapers. Luckily you can only get it if you’re sitting down, not while you’re walking in.

However, Mayo Elementary School Principal Liz Garden, posted this picture the other day in her school.

This wasn’t during school hours, but neither is the School Committee meeting. I asked her where her mask was and she ended up blocking me.


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It’s OK to take your mask off for selfies. COVID doesn’t spread when you’re taking a selfie.

Not one of these frauds pushing for mask mandates actually believes they are necessary, or that they work at all. They don’t do it when you’re not looking, and sometimes they don’t do it when you are looking. Good for the members who walked out for refusing to play along.

If parents in the district are interested I’d be willing to organize a group to go to the next meeting and refuse to wear masks. If members don’t feel comfortable they’re free to leave, but the people have a right to attend public meetings, and elected officials have a right to be there as well, so I won’t play this game any more.


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