Ware Teen Pretending To Be Pregnant Mother Uses Pictures Of Someone Else’s Baby To Solicit Free Baby Items She Resells On Facebook 


This is Halie St. Germaine from Ware.

She’s a prolific freeloader on local Facebook support groups and is constantly asking for free stuff for her alleged baby.

In summation, she needs one of everything, and it must be free. Were it not for the power of Facebook yard sale groups this baby’s ultimate home would be the Ware Walmart dumpster. Oh, and you’ll have to deliver all the free items to her on your own, because God forbid she put any sort of effort in.

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And while you’re at it, she’s got a new kitten that’s going to need to get dewormed and neutered, and obviously she’s not going to pay for it herself so she started a fundraiser.

Obviously she wouldn’t be expected to pay for her own things.

Except there’s just a few problems. For starters, she’s constantly selling or giving away donated items on the same pages she begs for free baby stuff.

Also, she claims to still be in high school and has multiple Facebook pages that are all active.

Then there’s the fact that she made it seem the other day like she had just given birth to a newborn.

Not sure who’s baby that is, but it sure as hell isn’t hers. I know this because she says her baby is due in May, and somehow she already knows the gender.

And if that wasn’t shady enough she’s “Ware engaged.”

Which means she found some guy who works at the hardware store who got a free ring from his dead aunt and gave it to his girlfriend, who then sold it days later.

According to her Facebook page she was getting married to this winner named Justin Hawkins.

Totally normal for a grown man to be Ware marrying a pregnant high school student.

Yea, why people do people want to get in the way of a grown man trying to make it with a pregnant teenager? Haven’t you ever read Ratchet Romeo And Juliet? And did I mention he’s already married to Shelly?

A true Ware love story if I’ve ever seen it.

I guess it was Justin’s ring that she was selling, because a few weeks later she found a new guy to latch onto.

I decided to message her so she could clear some of these questions up for me. Unfortunately it just left me with more questions.

So she has a newborn and is pregnant with a baby due in May. The newborn baby is a girl, who somehow won’t need any of the girl’s clothing she’s selling. Now she’s having a boy, which she knows despite it only being the first trimester, and exclusively needs boys clothing. She also got pregnant while still being pregnant.

Yup, nothing shady going on here.

I wasn’t the only one asking these questions.

One woman thought it was weird that she’d be giving away rockers if she had a new baby and was expecting another. Luckily her friend Mariah was there to tell the woman to mind her own business.

The pretend teen mom mafia will shut you down if you try to stop one of the members from scamming innocent people on Facebook.

Anyway, if you see Halie on any of her accounts asking for free baby stuff, just know that there is no baby and she’s using someone else’s newborn baby pictures to scam generous people. If you recognize that baby feel free to send me an email at [email protected], or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook so we can alert the mother that her little utero gremlin is being used as part of a ratchet yard sale scam in Ware.


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