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Poor Behavior

Wareham Man Selling $200 Worth Of Food Stamps For $100 On Facebook, Unleashes On Critics With Foul Language Not Suitable For Children


Jeffrey Young is an able bodied mechanic from Wareham who “owns his own business.”

Evidently he has reproduced twice, which means he qualifies for food stamps, but he has a surplus that he’s trying to get rid of. Specifically he’s trying to get rid of $200 worth for $100 cash.

We’ve done a lot of stories about people selling their food stamps on Facebook, but I’ve never seen a winner like this offer to come into the store with you in case there’s any issues. This guy must really want Diego’s new testers.

I thought maybe he was just kidding around at first, because it’s pretty obvious and stupid to post something like this. But I underestimated just how stupid people can be in the age of the Interwebz.

Some pointed out how he shouldn’t be so obvious.

Yea, he’s not being obvious. He’s just announcing on Facebook that he’s selling food stamps for half price and explaining the exact details about how the transaction will go down.

Also, who said he was selling food stamps?

Where would anyone get that idea from?

Can’t quite figure it out.

He seems to think that this is OK because he’s a “single dad with two kids,” and Uncle Sam gave him way too many food stamps, so he’s selling them to pay off other bills.

Because in his diluted mind that makes it OK.

Dude, you live in a tent. You even whined about your ma dukes kicking you out of the house last month.

Translation – Mom reached her breaking point after he pawned her jewelry for smack.

He said that he wished he could get his hands on some crack.

He’s totally clean though, even ask him.

He called people naughty words for pointing out what a dirtbag he is.

He’s a real charmer.

He says he actually gets “plenty of assistance,” even though he probably never actually sees his fruit a la crotch, and they’re probably beyond embarrassed of him at this point.

Someone asked the logical question – why is a grown man, who is completely abled bodied, collecting food stamps in the first place?

He can dump a load of baby batter inside someone. Therefore he should get free handouts courtesy of the taxpayers. He seems to think it’s none of our business, because people like him think that money grows on the welfare tree. Not once have they ever thought about where the money on the EBT card actually comes from.

And just when you think he couldn’t be a bigger loser, he called a woman a “dirty b****,” said he had plenty of food, and stated that his non-existent bills at his non-existent house came before his children’s needs.

Some people posted the messages he was sending critics.

So I reached out to him personally to see if I could come and get those stamps.

Should I drive to Cape Cod to get half price food stamps? I have the podcast with Gerry Callahan tomorrow morning, and Cape Cod really isn’t on the way, but it might be worth it.

P.S. He’s looking for a new roommate too.

He can pay $700 a month, as long as you take food stamps, and it’s gotta be cannabis friendly.

According to his bio he’s “dependable” (as long as you don’t need someone with a car or a job), hard working (sells food stamps), easy going, and doesn’t do drama (unless you criticize him for selling food stamps because then he’ll accuse you of having a loose vagina).

What could possibly go wrong living with him?


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