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Wareham Mom Arrested For Robbing Stores In Raynham, New Bedford With AIDS Filled Needle Claimed To Be Sober On Facebook


WBSM: An East Wareham woman faces charges after allegedly robbing a convenience store in Raynham with a hypodermic needle. According to a release from Chief James Donovan, on Monday, December 14 at approximately 6:07 p.m., Raynham Police received a 911 call for a reported robbery at the Seasons Corner Market, located at 442 New State Highway. A description was given of an adult female suspect who brandished a needle she claimed to be infected with AIDS before leaving with a quantity of cash. A license plate of the suspect’s vehicle was obtained and provided to Raynham Police investigators. A notice was issued to surrounding communities to be on the lookout for the suspect and vehicle.

Moments later, the same vehicle was identified by Massachusetts State Police as being wanted in connection with a similar robbery in New Bedford. State Police located the vehicle and made a traffic stop in the town of Marion after a brief vehicle pursuit. The driver, 34-year-old Ashley Demers of East Wareham, was arrested after a brief on-scene investigation. She is charged with armed robbery. Donovan said Demers likely faces additional charges in other communities as well as charges stemming from the pursuit and motor vehicle infractions identified by State Police.

“This was a terrific example of the level of professionalism, teamwork and communication that exists among municipal police departments and the State Police,” Chief Donovan said. “In this instance, a suspect – who made violent threats against people doing their jobs to provide goods and services to the public during these difficult times – was apprehended safely and efficiently by well-trained police officers.


According to the the Wareham Jack of all AIDS last February, her “story was far from over.”

Apparently she hadn’t gotten to Chapter 14 – The Time I Robbed Multiple Stores Along The South Shore With A Needle Filled With AIDS Juice And Ended Up On TB Daily News.

It’s OK though, because she ain’t never giving up.

Next time she’ll just get her heroin the old fashioned way – by giving Diego the friendly neighborhood drug dealer a BJ. Sure, it might result in more diseases than a syringe filled with AIDS juice, but at least she won’t end up in jail.

A year ago today she was warning people not to judge her.

Because she may just decide to get clean and take care of her family. Probably not. But she might. Maybe.

Tragic Johnson is the complete ratchet package too. She named her child Ayden with a Y, and in doing so put more effort into naming him than she did raising him.

She moved out of her house earlier in the year to go into rehab but not before trying to pawn off all her furniture.

Because it’s always a great idea to hand over cash to a junkie on their way to rehab.

You know you’re pretty ratchet when your Mother’s Day picture is just a picture of you with “Only God can judge me” eyes.

By June she was all fixed and and sober, and was rocking the gerber servers and cultural appropriation.

If you wanted evidence that she was clean then look no further than the inspirational poems she copy and pasted onto Facebook.

Ya know, like every drug addict posts on Facebook in an attempt to show the world how sober and inspirational they’ve become after staying clean for 48 hours.

Then in July she started selling name brand masks that I’m sure she acquired legally.

And of course she only smokes the official cigarettes of ratchets everywhere.

Newport 100’s – the flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats of tobacco.

She posted this just hours before getting arrested.

If only somebody had “nosed” that white boy Vince who stole her paycheck, then she wouldn’t have been compelled to rob multiple stores with an AIDS juice needle. It’s all Vince’s fault. F*** you Vince!


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