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Law and Order

Wareham Woman Flummoxed When Police Chief Refuses To Kneel For Her Unruly Crowd Despite Getting Black Cop To Submit


Bethany Lawson is a woke activist from Wareham.


Bootleg Sinead O’Connor attended the BLM protest of the Wareham Police Station the other night and was furious when Police Chief John Walcek wouldn’t submit to her demands by kneeling in front of her holy whiteness.

Imagine being an aerodynamic white woman and thinking that forcing a black man to kneel in front of you is a symbol of racial progress.

Newsflash – if you think kneeling matters then you don’t really don’t care about police reform. You care about winning. You care about the temporary power you feel when you’re able to tell the police what to do. If every cop in the world took a knee for protesters it wouldn’t change a thing when it comes to policy or reform. This is nothing more than performance art for bored 20 year olds.

No cop should be kneeling to these nudniks, and it’s disgraceful and embarrassing that they do. But this crowd in particular treated the officers disrespectfully and was unworthy of any sort of decency.

Pro tip – if you want the cops to take your positions seriously, maybe leave your “f** a racist pig” cardboard sign at home.

Friggin white people man. They have lost their God damn minds.

It was quite the crowd, let me tell ya.

And this might be my favorite protest sign of all time.

“I only date black girls, Fuck 12.”


Imagine being this stupid?

Imagine thinking that you’d go down in the history books as the bad guy because you didn’t bow down in front of a mob of white people?

According to a member of the Board of Selectmen the Chief is a devout catholic who married a woman of Cape Verdean descent too.

And people of color are going out of their way to vouch for him.

It’s almost as if black people are not a monolith and can decide for themselves whether or not they believe a person is racist without being told so by a woke chick version of Jeremy Renner.


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