Warrant Issued For Kylie Kirkpatrick For Violating Bail Conditions By Pretending To Have Cancer, Starting Fraudulent GoFundMe, Attacking Man With MS In Blog

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (14:10) and there was an update.

It’s been almost 3 years since we first published our 7-part investigation exposing Kylie Kirkpatrick, the Napa, CA mother who made up a story about her 9 year old son Ryan using his allowance to pay off his classmates’ school lunch debt in order to enrich herself with donations, Super Bowl tickets, and other gifts that she resold for profit. Her lie directly led to the passing of new bills in California and Rhode Island, and her son was featured in political ads for Gavin Newsom, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and several other politicians who found the lie politically useful. Kylie had an extensive criminal background and conceived her son in a closet at drug rehab, before changing his last name to Kyote because she ran up substantial credit card debt using his real name. She later made up a lie about his father having ALS in order to get on the field at an Oakland Athletics game. The cherry on the piece of shit sundae was her also scamming and threatening members of the deaf community while pretending to be a licensed sign language interpreter.

Looking back on it today the story was truly remarkable because of the willingness of the media and politicians to spread Kylie’s lie without doing a shred of research, despite the fact that Napa residents were contacting them to let them know it was all made up.

After the blogs were written I began speaking with and giving information to a detective in the Napa Police Department who was investigating Kylie for fraud. A month after the Super Bowl Kylie was arrested and charged with 8 counts of felony fraud.


Since then COVID happened and her case has been moving slowly. I have attended several of her virtual hearings though, just to let her know that I’m still watching her.

During this time Kylie was allowed to move to Rhode Island (either Bristol or Warren) to live with her daughter Anastaxia and her fiance GioVanni DeSousa (a deadbeat with judgments against him who has Ryan in his cover photo). I noticed that both of them had joined an anti-Turtleboy group created by a mentally deranged former turtle rider named Shannon Labarre, who promised to end Turtleboy with some sort of “storm” that never came.

The terms of Kylie’s release dictate that she not use social media or try to scam people out of money, which makes it difficult for her to earn a living. But about a month ago I was sent a link to 2 blogs that Kylie started, one about her alleged battle with cancer, and the other a burn book called “the carceral shadow” that she uses to defame people before she goes to jail. The websites are no longer up today, but we did screen record a blog post she made smearing an unnamed man who fought addiction, and another baselessly accusing a well-respected Napa man of raping her and threatening to hurt him financially. That man is in a wheelchair due to MS, is well respected in the community due to his philanthropy, and is being smeared with a made up story from middle school.

As you can see, she is trying to shake down whoever this man is for a settlement because she has no more money. And what do ratchets and scam artists do when they’re hard pressed for cash? Start a GoFundMe of course!

Notice how it says “Kirkpatrick family,” instead of Kylie Kirkpatrick. She can’t stop using her son for scams.

Kylie has raised over $1,400 while likely pretending to have cancer. I can’t say that with 100% certainty that she doesn’t have cancer, because luckily I’m not her doctor. But Kylie is a pathological liar who preys on the sympathy of others in order to enrich herself. The GoFundMe states that she was diagnosed with endocervical cancer, which requires time off from work. She claims to be working on her PhD but makes no reference to her upcoming fraud trial in California.

We know that Kylie is likely lying about having this form of cancer because:

  • The treatment she is talking about is not appropriate for stage one cancer nor is it give at the intervals she says it is.
  • She says her radiation and chemo are different days, weekly.
  • Cisplatin is normally given every 3 weeks. She would not be functional on a weekly dose.
  • At no point does she talk about a hysterectomy. Chemo radiation is used in conjunction with this.

In an update she claims that she is on her 5th round of chemo, and says that she moved with Ryan to Rhode Island for a “new adventure” after “walking away from social media” in 2020.

She also included an image of what she would have you believe is her in the hospital getting cancer treatment, and once again uses Ryan to enrich herself by posting “I wear teal for my Mom.”

She doesn’t mention the fraud because the idiots who donated to her wouldn’t be inclined to give money to someone who used her child to defraud the community. And why would she mention it? Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and most others still have their tweets up about her lie, even though it’s been completely debunked, so for all these people know Ryan is still a hero. Those who don’t read Turtleboy remain in the dark.

On September 27 Kylie’s bail was revoked and a warrant was put out for her arrest.

This is likely due to the blogs, which she has since shut down.

The GoFundMe, which is also a violation of the terms of her release, was created after the warrant was issued. This morning the donations on the GFM have all turned into “anonymous,” so that Kylie can hide the latest people she has defrauded, lest people contact them to let them know that they’ve been lied to.

But we remember.

Kylie also has two websites listed in her Facebook bio – RyanKyote.com and Kyotecrew.com – where she still pretends that Ryan is some sort of hero.

But neither website is up as of this publication.

Like many of the people we’ve exposed, Kylie Kirkpatrick is a conniving sociopath with bad intentions who doesn’t mind hurting innocent people in order to line her pockets. I met a lot of really good people from Napa who I’m still in contact with to this day, who were hurt and damaged by her lies. Their community was smeared as unsympathetic towards children, the elementary school had to shut down their website, and several people were tied up in the courts for years as a result of frivolous lawsuits filed by a vengeful Kylie, until she was eventually ruled a vexatious litigant. She clearly is not remorseful at all and has proven she will spend the rest of her time on earth scamming people. She needs to be locked away for a long time, and hopefully justice will be served soon.



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