Warwick Man Price Gouging CVS Thermometers Accidentally Shipped To Him 2 Years Ago Forgets To Take Off Tag For Woonsocket CVS, Blames Racism


This is Antwone Lee Sr. from Warwick.

He is the proud own and operator of Love Landscaping and Snow Removal, and lists his preferred hobbies as “Running from these hoes.”

Which I probably could’ve guessed considering he’s a grown man who displays Hennessy like a college diploma and hangs out with upstanding citizens who haven’t figured out what the purpose of a belt is.

Hennessy – the gateway drug to Turtleboy.

In today’s episode of ratchet roulette LL Fool J posted in a Warwick group that he was selling CVS thermometers that were accidentally shipped to him two years ago when he ordered some toy cars.

I for one hate when I accidentally get shipped a box of CVS thermometers.

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Sure, the proper thing to do was probably to contact CVS and let them know, but that’s a lot of work. Probably easier to keep them in storage for two years, and then when your wife coincidentally tells you that it’s time to start spring cleaning during the middle of a pandemic, begin price gouging on local Facebook pages.

Except Antwone forgot to do one thing.

Take the sticker off that says send to CVS in Woonsocket. Oops!

Despite sharing this to a group called “A POSITIVE WARWICK” the reaction was not positive as a Ginger Snookie’s COVID 19 test. The post ended up being removed from that group but it hasn’t deterred his entrepreneurial spirit.

After being blacklisted in Warwick Antwone took his talents to Cranston.

Sadly he was not well received their either, and responded to the haters in long winded sentagraph form, putting them down for their bad energy while finding a way to incorporate the world squirrley.

As it turns out the only reason people are being critical of his actions is because he’s black.

The race card. Never be a ratchet without it.

He made a promotional video explaining his price structure for Love Landscaping and Snowplowing, which has a whopping 46 views after I watched it.

So if you’re looking to get your driveway plowed by a snow gypsy or just pick up some totally NOT stolen CVS thermometers, give him a call at the number below.


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