Warwick Woman Forgets To Remove Syringe From Facebook Yard Sale Post Selling Government Issued Bus Pass, Reposts With $10 Discount


Editor’s Note: After publishing this I discovered that Kate Peter wrote about these two in 2018, which seems incredibly hypocritical given all we know about her now. Read it here.

Danielle Demaio is  a “self employed” contributing member of society from Warwick.

Yesterday she decided that she was going to sell her bus pass for $50, which she likely received for free from some sort of government program that rewards spunk gargoyles like herself for doing absolutely nothing. The problem is she forgot to remove something from the picture first.

Oops! Might want to get rid of that needle you just used to pump yourself full of Diego’s finest product before selling your government issued bus pass on a community yard sale page next time.

She must’ve realized what she’d done and tried it again without the syringe and with a $10 discount.

Unfortunately for her people noticed.

She’s totally not junkie though. I for one do not believe that this is the face of a person who will polish your knob for a $25 gift card to Applebees.

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Some might suggest that Danielle is so thirsty for the product that she steals product and then sells them online to finance her “disease.” I don’t see the evidence though. It’s not like she and her significant other routinely sell things on Facebook that have “never been used” before.

Nor has she ever been charged with Failure to Appear for Arraignment on an original charge of Conspiracy-Violation of Controlled Substance Act originating from the Warwick Police Department.

Her lifetime “fiance” Brandon DiLorenzo seems like a reputable guy himself.

Except for that time last year when the two of them were arrested at a motel in Providence because she was wanted for warrants on possession charges and he was arrested for being in the same motel as her since she had gotten a no-contact order against him.

And did I mention she’s a Mom?

Unfortunately, according to a family member of hers she can’t be bothered to write to the children she abandoned because she’s a little busy pawning totally NOT stolen goods for drug money on Facebook.

Go away mother in law! They’re trying to sell their brand new TV’s for $250 which they bought and decided they don’t need! Stop encouraging them to take care of their kids or find jobs. That will greatly interfere with their online bus pass business.

If Brandon or Danielle wants to come on the live show tomorrow to discuss this they’re more than welcomed to. Hit me up on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson or email [email protected]


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