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Washington Post, LA Times Reporters Call TB Daily News An “Alt Right Tabloid” In Attempt To Discredit Our Story On Babson Professor


Earlier in the week we published a blog about a Babson professor who posted on Facebook about his desire for the Ayatollah to attack 52 American cultural sites, in response to a tweet from President Trump where he promised to do the same to Iran if they provoked him. We were against him being fired from the beginning, but he surprisingly up getting fired anyway. After initially being ignored and not credited for breaking the story we are finally being recognized by the mainstream media, except this time they’re blaming us. Sam Dean is a blue checkmark from the LA Times.

Oh my God, it’s that guy from that thing.

Sam posted on Twitter that we are an “alt right tabloid website” responsible for the professor’s demise.

“Everything I don’t like is alt right.”

This is what the blue checkmarks from the mainstream media say in order to convince themselves that they alone are the guardian of the news. They despise independent journalism and attempt to discredit any news source that isn’t owned by a large corporation.

I’m just going to point out that a few days ago Sam’s newspaper wrote the most laughable op ed in history, crying about Ricky Gervais’ speech at the Golden Globes.

So I guess finding a British liberal’s standup comedy humorous makes you alt right now. Who knew?

Even more hilarious was the coverage from Washington Post reporter Teo Armus. And in classic hardcore journo fashion he posts pictures of himself on Twitter writing on a notepad.

Nothing gets by him. Not with that notepad handy.

Here’s what he had to say about Turtleboy in the Bezos Daily News.

“Tabloid-blog hybrid.”

Sir, here is a link to your newspaper crediting us with breaking a story about corruption in the Massachusetts State Police that led to the resignation of the Colonel and several others. It appears as if your newspaper is in the business of taking us seriously, which is a weird thing to do to a “tabloid-blog hybrid.”

The best part is that he didn’t link to our original story either. He linked to a 2014 hit piece from this man.

Clive “Spanky” McFarlane. A man whose obsession with Turtleboy led to his firing. You man, you might want to work on your sources a little better.

I know that getting paid $30,000 a year to replace the guy who had been there for 30 years and never got a raise makes you feel special, but they’re just going to dump you on the next round of budget cuts so Jeff Bezos can buy another car.

And who can forget all those Patriots blogs we’ve written this year? God knows we just can’t stop talking about sportball around here.

By the way Teo, Clive worked at the Turtlegram for like 30 years. They fired him with zero warning and didn’t give him a chance to say goodbye to anyone. This is your future. Good luck!


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