Washington Post Reporter Publishes Story Doxxing Woman Behind Libs Of Tik Tok Account 2 Weeks After Crying On MSNBC About Doxxing And Harassment


Libs of Tik Tok is an anonymous Twitter account with almost 700K followers that has grown in popularity simply by reposting videos of teachers grooming children with bizarre sexual ideology that they themselves posted online voluntarily. Last week we blogged about one of these teachers from Brooke Charter School in Boston after she told her class of 1st graders that doctors guess the genders of babies when they are born, and that when the doctors guess wrong that means the baby is transgender.

No single account has done as much to expose the communists as much as Libs of Tik Tok has, and all they had to do was repost the things they were saying with very little commentary. Consequently many of these groomers have been held accountable, and states like Florida have enacted legislation that bans teachers from grooming young children.



But the communists are doing what they always do in response – whining about “death threats” and “doxxing” in an attempt to have the account removed from Twitter and ultimately censored. It’s just what they do now.  Last week the account was suspended after the Internet hall monitors at something called Media Matters did a hit piece on Libs of Tik ofTok, and the anonymous woman who runs the account went on Tucker Carlson to talk about it.

I will say this – you cannot expect to make it big on the Internet and be anonymous forever. I tried it, and it lasted all of 10 months. You can’t go on Tucker Carlson using your real voice and assume no one will recognize you. These people want you fired from your job, and they can’t do that if they don’t know your name. They will contact friends and family members, and look for innocuous things you said on the account that gives away clues. Eventually someone will find out who you are, they will announce it to the world, and you will have to make a choice – stop saying truthful things on the Internet that make bad people uncomfortable, or stand behind your work. I chose the latter.

But at least the person who “doxxed” me in October of 2014 was a drunken Buffalo blogger named James Kriger, and not the most widely read newspaper in the United States, owned by Jeff Bezos. This is Washington Post “reporter” Taylor Lorenz.

We did a story on her last year after the then New York Times employee and former trust fund baby complained that Tucker Carlson “destroyed her life” by criticizing her on on his TV show.

And that right there is why women couldn’t vote until 1920.

Last week in a hilarious MSNBC segment about women under 35 experiencing “online harassment” Taylor cried that information about her is being used by the “worst people on the Internet” to “destroy her life,” and it’s terrifying and gives her PTSD.

What’s even more hilarious is that she’s 43, so she doesn’t even qualify for this segment. She just acts like she’s 16 and says the things MSNBC wants her to say so they go along with it.

This is perhaps the greatest example of the most powerful people in the media crying because less powerful people are criticizing them on social media. CNN doxxed the 16 year old Covington Catholic boys, made them targets of death threats, and then Jim Acosta wrote a book about how people are mean to him now because of Trump. Taylor Lorenz likewise went to a prestigious boarding school and was immediately hired at two of the biggest newspapers in the world despite being incredibly untalented and not cut out for this line of work.

Corporate controlled media outlets like the Washington Post, New York Times, and Boston Globe have created a framework where they can use their platforms to dox innocent people for wrong think, and nobody can criticize them back because it’s “harassment.” CNN regularly shows up at people’s homes, puts their name in headlines, and even blackmails and forces them to apologize for making memes that President Trump retweeted.



Today Taylor Lorenz proudly published a story in the Bezos Post, doxxing the woman behind the Libs of Tik Tok account.

For the record, I don’t think this woman has any sort of right to anonymity, and it was silly of her to think she would remain as such. But it’s just so amazing to watch a woman who said this 2 weeks ago….

Now doing this…

Not only did they publish the name of some real estate lady with a popular Twitter account in the most widely read newspaper in America, and harass her at work, the reporter crying about harassment showed up at her house in person and harassed her family members too.

Again, all this account does is share videos of insane communists (mostly teachers) brainwashing and grooming other people’s children with transgender ideology. Some teachers hav been fired and schools have been exposed for what they’re doing to other people’s children. If they were proud of what they were teaching they’d stand by it, but they are ashamed and rightfully so. They hide behind the “I’m being harassed” mantra because they have no defense for their behavior.



But this is what Taylor Lorenz and her powerful media friends are most concerned about is that this random woman with a Twitter account has more influence on politics and legislation than 99% of Republicans elected to office.

She exposes things that aren’t being exposed, built a large following by doing that, and now powerful people are passing really good laws that ban the things she’s exposing. This is why they fear her and must destroy her.

You can see the jealousy seething through her when she refers to reporter Glenn Greenwald as an “online influencer,” and cites Media Matters unironically as if they are some sort of legitimate source of news.

Glenn Greenwald broke the Edward Snowden story when no one else would, and is a target of the Brazilian government for criticizing Brazil’s president. He is 100 times the reporter Taylor Lorenz could ever be, makes millions of dollars as his own boss on Substack despite not working for a corporate owned media outlet, and it boils her blood that he’s allowed to be more popular and influential than her.

If Taylor Lorenz wants to do this, then fine. No one is entitled to anonymity on the Internet, especially when she correctly points out they are influencing real legislation. But don’t whine about online harassment when you are more guilty of it than anyone. Does she care if the woman gets PTSD from this? Does she care if the woman is “horrified?” Does she care if she cries? Does she care if she’s socially ostracized or loses her job? Does she care if the “worst people on the Internet” try to “destroy her life” as a result of this story?

Probably not, nor should she. And no one should care if the same happens to Taylor Lorenz, because she totally deserves it. You’d think at some point the lightbulb would go off in her head and it will all click, but more than likely she’ll just spend all day retweeting blue checkmarks who praise her for her work while ignoring legitimate criticism about her inconsistencies.



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