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Watertown Superintendent Blasts Middle School Teacher For Airing Anti-Police Video In Class After TB Reports, Town Employees Demand Action


Last week we blogged about Watertown Middle School foreign language teacher Ruth Henry after she showed a bigoted, anti-police video during homeroom period, which alleged that, “the DNA results are in, and police are 99-100% racist.”

The video was filled with debunked lies about police existing to track down runaway slaves, which isn’t true because northern police officers existed long before that and refused to arrest runaway slaves, thus forcing Congress to pass the controversial Fugitive Slave Act in 1850. Regardless, it has no business in a classroom of impressionable 13 year olds as it is factually inaccurate and biased against police officers. It should be noted that Watertown is where the Boston Marathon terrorists were killed and captured by police less than 8 years ago, after they murdered one cop, shot another, and blew up two women and an 8 year old boy. This is how the Watertown Public Schools repaid their local police for their sacrifice.

After the blog was published superintendent Dede Galdston wrote this email, apologizing for the teacher’s unauthorized use of this hateful video.

“The incident that occurred during our Community Meetings (fancy word for homeroom period) does not reflect our values.”

“The Watertown Public Schools remains steadfast in its commitment to becoming an anti-racist district within our classrooms.”

Actually, if your standards are “anti-racism” then the video does reflect your values. These people don’t have any idea what the term “anti-racist” means. It just sounds good to say, kind of like “black lives matter.” But Google “anti-racism criticism” and you’ll see that “anti-racism” is nothing more than  racist white people making money by spreading more racism. Read Bari Weiss’ story about what happened to Smith College employees who attempted to resist this “anti-racist” brainwashing after a privileged student made up a lie about being racially profiled by a janitor and cafeteria worker.

Anti-racism is a dog whistle for actual racism, and part of the critical race theory package that is being pushed in public schools nationwide as a result of George Floyd’s fentanyl overdose last May. Just a few weeks ago Watertown announced that they would be forcing employees to undergo “anti-racism” training, and were looking to hire a Director of Equity and Inclusion, who would be paid more money than every teacher in the district.

On Monday, Galston introduced Dr. Kalise Wornum of KW Diversity, which is conducting the training and working with the district on related issues, at the School Committee meeting. She also updated the committee on efforts to hire someone for the newly created Director of Equity and Inclusion position.


Kalise Wornum is the poster child for the racism-industrial complex. She formed KW Diversity, a profitable company that gets paid to teach employees about their “unconscious bias” towards people of color.

“KW Diversity, Inc. is a consulting firm, specializing in cultural proficiency, and community conversations to support difficult conversations regarding race and cultures. Our services are designed to help school districts improve teaching and learning while training educators to become culturally proficient. Additionally, KW Diversity, Inc. helps municipalities, nonprofit organizations, and business organizations understand the value of diversity while examining and addressing policies and protocols.”

People and organizations like this need racism to be ever-present in the same way Batman has no reason to exist without the Joker. Without racism they’d have no way to make a living. When you work in the racism-industrial complex you must first create the illusion that racism is one of the biggest problems we have in this country, then sell the antidote. George Floyd was the best thing that ever happened to people like this. It’s like what COVID was for Dr. Fauci –  everyone is willing to pay to hear what they have to say, even if they have no idea what they’re talking about.

It’s no surprise then that Kalise Wornum has been hired to do trainings like this all over Metro-west, including in Natick, Acton, Medway, Wellesley, and Brookline. There’s nothing woke white liberals want more than to be lectured on how they can be less racist by race hustlers like Kalise Wornum.


So quite frankly it’s not surprising that Ruth Henry would think it’s OK to show something like this in class. After all, the district endorses it. They’re only backpeddling now because we blew up their spot and 111 town employees signed a letter condemning the video:

Pages from Townwide Employee Letter (6)

This is what we do at TB Daily News – break real news. No one else will report this because it makes the racism-industrial complex (which the Boston Globe is a part of) look bad. This failure of the mainstream media to report the news we do has convinced people who are incapable of reading or thinking independently that TB Daily News is “fake news”:

Never trust a white northerner who uses “y’all” unironically.

Fake news? Ask the Massachusetts State Police troopers and higher ups who were either fired, charged, or resigned in disgrace as a result of our reporting, if they think we’re fake every week when their pension checks don’t come in.

Pardon me ma’am, but what’s hateful by pointing out indisputable facts and data cited by the FBI? No one appreciates the police more than the black and brown community. It’s white supremacists from white towns like Ben Flanagan and Ruth Henry who speak on behalf of people of color they don’t know, who are actively trying to make black and brown communities less safe by defunding the police.


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