WCVB Reporter Refuses To Cite Sources For Stow Police Chief Story Because His Colleagues Did All The Legwork


TB Daily News was the first media outlet to report the story about the Stow Police Chief who was caught in an online sting organized by the Predator Poachers of Massachusetts trying to solicit sex with a 14 year old boy. Then this guy showed up.

This is WCVB hack “reporter” Peter Eliopoulos from Ipswich. He’s not the least bit talented or relevant, but because he has 1,200 Twitter followers and works for a mainstream media outlet, both Twitter and Facebook have given him the coveted blue checkmark. Peter is your typical empty suit with a boy’s regular haircut who thinks he’s important because he just graduated from college and got a big boy job working for a TV station.

Unlike Masslive, who credited TB Daily News with being the first to report this story, his coverage for WCVB did not cite sources appropriately.

He was called out for it by several people on Twitter, but fired back claiming that he had the story first but didn’t publish anything or credit us because he didn’t want to get sued for libel.

“It’s more important to be right than first.”

The thing about that is, TB Daily News was both first and right.

Then he tried belittling our reporting, suggesting that all we did to verify the story was compare balding patterns on Ralph Marino and the pedophile in the video.

“My colleagues did the legwork in confirming….”

His story came out hours after ours did. The “legwork” his colleagues did was read TB Daily News and wait for a press release from the Town of Stow. Here’s what our legwork included:

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  • Following the predator poachers on YouTube prior to this video because I knew they were doing newsworthy things
  • Establishing relationships with sources who told us about it on Saturday
  • Speaking directly to the man who set up the whole sting on Sunday morning by participating in his livestream and asking for proof that it was the Chief
  • Confirming his story directly with police sources we’ve established through years of credible journalism
  • Going on the Town of Stow’s website and seeing that the Chief was no longer listed

But yea, WCVB did the “legwork.” Or they just sat on their ass, waited for TB to report it, and then pretend to have done actual journalism on their own.

I get why this empty suit feels the need to defend the wall like this. He just started at WCVB in January, he has no followers, and he really wants to show his “colleagues” that he has their back. But liking the only tweets from random Twitter eggs simply because they say nice things about you is a terrible look.
























Liking tweets from Twitter eggs who kiss your butt is the Internet equivalent of licking your own balls. Which can only mean one thing – Peter has a long career ahead of him as a mainstream media hack regurgitating TB stories while pretending he’s somehow better than us because he has a blue checkmark.


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