WCVB Steals Marty Walsh Story From TB, Reports That He Forgot To Put On Mask While Posing For Selfie With Strange Women


On Sunday we broke the story about Boston Mayor Marty Walsh posting for a selfie with two women he didn’t know without wearing a mask, despite mandating that all Boston residents wear masks and practice social distancing.

A lot of people suggested that the image wasn’t of Marty Walsh because he looked skinnier, but they forgot to factor in the power of the white girl filter. They can make any bloated recovering alcoholic look respectable.

Today WCVB wrote about it without citing TB Daily News, and Walsh pulled a half Pelosi by admitting he wasn’t wearing a mask but saying he had a brain fart.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says not wearing a face mask while taking a picture with strangers over the weekend was a “foolish move.” Walsh is facing some criticism after the photo surfaced online, especially since he has been advocating for Boston residents and others to wear masks while in public for months.

Surfaced online? The extent these people will go to in order to pretend TB doesn’t exist is truly baffling. Why not just say Turtleboy blogged about it? By ignoring us they were unable to use our picture, which hurts the effectiveness of their story. The Pelosi story was so juicy because there were images of her without a mask on inside the salon. This picture is priceless.

But they chose not to use it because doing so would require them to admit that they follow TB for their news. Instead they want you to believe that they randomly heard about this on their own and decided to ask Mayor Walsh about it the day after we published the blog. Sure thing.

The mayor addressed questions about the picture on Monday. He says it happened as he was leaving a family wedding — a small gathering of about 20 people — over the weekend. On his way out, Walsh said he was stopped by people he did not know and that they asked to take a selfie with him. He decided to take the photo with them, and even though he was caught off guard, he said that he should have still been wearing a mask.

“I had the mask in my hand. I probably should have put it on — foolish move,” Walsh said.

“I just tell people: ‘Wear your mask.’ I have my mask on all the time. It’s always on me. I have one in every single pocket. I didn’t have it on taking the selfie,” he added.

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Walsh said the photograph was quick and he did not linger. He admits that he made a mistake and says he will continue to urge people to wear a mask.

I’m sure it was just this one time. It just so happened to be the time when the media wasn’t around. Besides that he always has the mask on, so he gets a mulligan. These frauds have no shame and he’ll go back to tweeting about wearing a mask tomorrow like this never happened, because for all intents and purposes it never did. The media never showed the picture.

As for the wedding he was at, Marty was the officiant for his cousin Kelly’s wedding at Granite Links in Quincy. Sources tell us there were 45 people there, so he’s lying when he says it was 20. He did not have the mask on for most of the wedding according to a witness, but none of that matters because the mainstream media isn’t going to press him on it, so this will be forgotten about by tomorrow.

Now shut up and put on your mask.


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