We Have Identified The 5 Suspects MBTA Police Are Looking For After Brutal Beating In North Quincy


Yesterday we asked for the assistance of turtle riders to help identify the 5 suspects the MBTA were looking for in connection with a vicious beating in North Quincy after last Thursday night’s Bruin’s game.

Ask and you shall received. (For more colorful commentary on story click here to read about it on TBS).

Suspect #1 – Steve Mahon, Norwood via Palo Alto, California

Notice the shirt.

That’s not being a good role model for the kids. Violence is never the answer, even if it is on the ice.


He gave them all away with his Facebook post after returning home.


This brought us to Suspect  #2 – John Pritoni, Braintree

He’s the President of Pritoni Brother’s Landscape Design, which doesn’t have a website or any sort of digital presence. The Facebook page leads to nowhere, which might explain why he seems to have trouble finding work and transportation.



Suspect #3 – Tony Green, Weymouth via Agawam

The Aaron Rodgers doppleganger has friends in high places.

With his impending criminal record Charlie Baker might just appoint him to be a Judge.


Suspect #4 – Stiles Bezema, Wrentham

I thought Stiles was a nickname, but it turns out that was the actual name given to him at birth. He never had a chance.


And finally Suspect #5 may or may not be related to Suspect #2 – Tom Pritoni, Norfolk

As you could infer from the token bottle of Henny, Mr. Pritoni has no shortage of Google trophies.

Might as well add assault and battery that list. If he ever wants to get a real job he’ll have to legally change his name anyway.

You’ll also notice who he was arrested with in the last Google trophy. Does this man with him look familiar?

It’s Michael Frigon, from the Frigon family.

He made his debut on Turtleboy after defending his sister Autumn when she was featured in a blog for parking in a handicapped spot in Attleboro.

These people always run in the same circles.

Feel free to pass this information on to the MBTA Police. No reward necessary, just happy to help bring criminals to justice.


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