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Wealthy Hingham Woman Threatens Family Owned Landscaping Business Into Removing Halloween Decoration Because She Claims It’s Racist


Three months ago we published a blog about a group of white women in Hingham who were lobbying the town to remove a thin blue line flag from a fire truck because their non-existent black neighbors might think it was racist to support murdered police officers. One of them was Lisa Shetty, who baselessly alleged that white supremacists had somehow infiltrated the Hingham Police Department.

“On my own social media platforms I warned and railed and talked about the infiltration of white supremacy into police departments. The FBI has warned of this over the last 15 years. And I think Hingham might not think we have a problem with that, we don’t know. I think it’s something that we need to concern ourselves with, because it’s really hard for police departments to get qualified good police officers. And they start having to dip into pools that are maybe less savory. And we need to address this.”

And she was entirely serious. That’s how stupid she is.

This week Lisa is up to her old tricks, and this time she’s policing Halloween decorations that she has arbitrarily deemed to be racist, and shaming homeowners in a private Facebook group called “Hingham Families of Color,” which is severely lacking in families of color.

“They should be reported.”

If you give these people control (which you’re voting to do if you vote for Joe Biden), then you’re giving power to people who think that there should be some sort of agency that you get “reported” to if Lisa Shetty doesn’t like your Halloween decorations.

“Hopefully they will be forced to take it down.”

Forced. Hopefully. These people HOPE to enable the government to use FORCE against private citizens if they don’t like your decorations.

“White supremacy is alive and well in Hingham.”

It’s remarkable that people like her are taken seriously by anyone.

For the record, hanging people is not racist. When black people were lynched they were not put in trashbags either. They were left hanging from trees so people could see their faces. Here’s four people being hung in 1865.

All of them were southerners who plotted to kill Abraham Lincoln. All of them were white. All of them had their faces covered, much like that decoration in the yard. There is nothing racist about hanging people or Halloween decorations.

But before even posting those pictures in the group Lisa sent two of her Deputy Karens to the house to harass the homeowners, and the woman’s voice is so cringe.

The up talking at the end of every sentence was unbearable.

“I couldn’t help but notice your decorations, and I wondered if anyone had mentioned that that looked like a lynCHING? And that that might be offenSIVE and scary or anything like that?”

Homeowner: “No, it’s not offensive.”

“Has anyone asked if you would take it down?”

Homeowner: “No, and we won’t take it down either, it’s a Halloween decoration.”


No, of course no one asked him to take down Halloween decorations because not everyone in town has a stick up their twat like you. You’re so cringe that Saudi men would let you get a driver’s license just so you’d leave and they wouldn’t have to listen to you talk.

Newsflash – it’s supposed to be scary because it’s Halloween! That’s literally the whole point. It’s supposed to offend and scare you, because none of it is real.

The “OK” at the end was pretty telling. They didn’t mean it was actually OK. That was their way of saying that they were going to call them racist on Facebook because they’re too gutless to do it to their face. And immediately after they didn’t get what they wanted Lisa posted those pictures above in the group.

This house has had the same decorations for years too. Here’s the receipts.

The homeowner attempted to smooth things over with this self righteous beaver bunion, but as you will see people like this cannot be reasoned with, so you should never try.

“You can’t decide for others how it makes them feel.”

You’re right, I can’t control what other people are offended by. Luckily it doesn’t really matter if you’re offended by anything. You have a right to be. It doesn’t mean other people have to alter what they’re doing to please your ridiculous sensibilities.

“Some people have lost a loved one to suicide?”

Hope they never play hangman in school. And while we’re at it, better cancel all movies where anyone dies of anything, because someone might see it who knows someone who died.

“Freedom of expression, not freedom from consequences.”

And who exactly are you? The consequences c**t? Remember what she alluded to in her post.

“They run a family owned landscaping business.” 

AKA, they’re going to try to destroy your business if you don’t do as they demand. The “family owned” business is the homeowner’s father, who doesn’t live there. They’re just going to hurt him because he’s related to the grownup who refuses to be bullied by these woke thugs.

Of course it’s easy for her to destroy someone else’s business since this is where Lisa Shetty lives:

The $1.8 million home may be 3,500 square feet, but she really needs to do something about that wallpaper. The 80’s called. They want their home decor back.

Who decorated your house? John Quincy Adams?

Hurting a small, family owned landscaping company is just fun and games for her. It’s not like she has to work or anything. Her husband Baba Shetty will take care of that for her, so long as she stays home and makes sure everything is in order while pretending to champion feminist causes.

She kept going.

Oh, her white millionaire husband and daughter thought it was racist too. Therefore it’s racist.

“A dead body hanging by a rope is the definition of a lynching.”

No, it’s not. It’s a hanging. By your own admission people can kill themselves via hanging without being lynched. The state has also been known to do it as a form of capital punishment.

And of course no people of color were impacted by this. Literally none. It’s just another white woman speaking on behalf of black people she would never live around.

If Lisa Shetty actually cared about black people she would sell her home for 1/10 of what its worth to a black family. But she’d never do that because it would require personal sacrifice. She wants diversity, and she wants to show that she cares about black people, she’s just not willing to give up any amount of comfortability in order to achieve that.

The reason Hingham is almost entirely white is because people like her artificially inflate home prices because of their willingness to pay $1.8 million for a house that would cost less than half of that if it were in Brockton. By doing so they price out many people of color, which is exactly what they want because they are racist.

Eventually the homeowner did take them down at the request of the police, which the cops never should’ve requested to begin with. Shame on HPD for even attempting to resolve this, instead of telling these Karens to mind their own business. Lisa rubbed this in the homeowner’s face, and she admitted that she only put the pictures up on Facebook because the homeowner didn’t initially comply.

These are the same people who want the police defunded, calling the cops over Halloween decorations. And this is exactly why the cops should’ve done nothing. The homeowners support them. The Karens accuse them of being white supremacists. And now this awful hag is rubbing it in the woman’s face and telling her that the cops told her to take it down, when in fact she took it down voluntarily because her father’s business was being threatened by a mob.

“Just because you’ve used the same decorations for years doesn’t make it right. Society evolves.”

No Lisa, you don’t get to decide what “evolving” means. Just because you’re a bored millionaire’s housewife looking for a pet project to cure your celibacy instead of becoming a closeted wino alcoholic like every other suburban housewife, doesn’t mean you get to arbitrarily decide that we’ve “evolved” and made Halloween decorations racist.

Anyway, I’d love to know who the two women in the Ring video are if any of my Hingham turtle riders want to give me a name. What these people are doing is pure evil. They’re wealthy, privileged elitists who bully and threaten people into submission because they wanna feel better about themselves. They deserve to be named, shamed, and destroyed, since they like doing it so much to other people. And the homeowner should immediately put the decorations back up. The bad guys don’t get to win anymore.


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