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Well Known Worcester Internet Troll And Admitted Dumpster Diver Leaves Flea Ridden Dog Chained To Car, Forces It To Sleep In Car, City Does Nothing


This breath of fresh air is John Licoski of Worcester.

He goes by John David on Facebook and is a well known troll who spends his days posting political memes and getting people riled up, which he has plenty of time for since he’s “self employed.”

Three years ago he was blogged about on Turtleboy after he he admitted to partaking in dumpster diving

Well, evidently John owns a dog that he doesn’t treat very well over on Grafton Hill.

The neighbor isn’t exaggerating – he literally chains the dogs to a car and leaves them there barking at cars all day.

In one of the videos he’s got the doors to his car open because he wants the dogs to go in there. In the meantime if they could easily get run over by a car or attack a neighborhood child. Not his problem though.

This guy posts on Facebook relentlessly in the Worcester groups, and takes the unpopular opinion on purpose because he likes getting people riled up. This is evidently why he doesn’t have time to give his dogs a bath, and why he forces them to sleep in his car on 90 degree days.

Of course the City of Worcester has done nothing about the dogs, because they only answer your call if you want to move a minor league baseball team here. Although they did take the cats away.

He needs to be arrested for animal cruelty. The video is damning. Or better yet – tie him to a car all day, take his iPhone away, prevent him from bathing (already taken care of), and see how he likes it.

It’s simply unacceptable for City Manager Ed Augustus, who makes a quarter of a million dollars a year, not to do anything about this. And where’s the Mayor? Oh right, holding fundraisers for his re-election campaign as he runs unopposed and spews nonsense about a “renaissance” in Worcester.

How bout District 2 Councilor Candy Carlson? She couldn’t return a phone call for a constituent? Must not have an opponent this November either. Or perhaps she’s too busy complaining about Turtleboy is offensive at City Council meetings.

If you want to take action on this here are some people you can contact:

Candy Carlson District 2 City Councilor: 508-799-1049, [email protected].

City Manager’s Office: 508-929-1300

Mayor Joe Petty: 508-799-1153

Mayor’s coffee boy/chief of staff/PR/coverup guy Dan Racicot:



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