Well Respected Milton Police Officer Baselessly Accused Of Racism In Digital Public Square, Those Who Questioned Also Accused Of Racism


Kristen Chipman has been the K-9 officer in Milton for many years now and has earned a level of respect in her community.

Then this happened in a Milton community Facebook group:

(For more colorful, politically incorrect commentary on this story, click here to read it on TBS.)

  1. This is a second hand anecdote from a biased source (the kid’s mother) and should be treated as such.
  2. There is a total lack of context and the police officer is unable to defend or explain herself while her name is smeared in the community’s digital public square.
  3. Being asked questions by the police is not “harassment.”
  4. The police officer has earned the benefit of the doubt, while the 14 year old has not.
  5. If you feel like your son was treated unfairly by the police then the way to deal with that is to call the police and speak to the officer directly.
  6. This woman is relatively new the community, and only recently moved to Milton from Brockton, so perhaps this was some sort of misunderstanding. The bottom line is we don’t know anything except for what a woman wrote on Facebook. Stop blindly believing everything you see on Facebook.

She later clarified that she did speak with the officer, she just didn’t like what the officer had to say.

“Don’t question my son.”

If the police see someone doing something illegal then they’re going to question that person. Being 14 years old doesn’t exempt you from that.

You would think that if she was baselessly smeared in a community Facebook group that others would come to her defense. Instead the opposite happened.

“We are all racist.”

No, we are all not racist. If you are then I hope you get help and stop being so hateful. But there’s no need for you to project your racism onto others.

Nobody denies that racism exists, but as usual if you ask for facts or evidence you are told that you don’t believe racism exists. The “white people Olympics” is this never ending pursuit of virtue where white people prove to the community how woke they are by putting other white people down for not being as woke as them.

Then came the woman this:

The racism-industrial complex never rests. Create or inflate the illusion of racism in the community, then sell the cure for it. In this case this woman gets paid to teach teachers about how they’re racially biased without even knowing it. They use words like “systemic racism” and “deconstructing inequity” because they don’t have evidence of individuals doing racist things. People don’t believe the well respected police officer over the unnamed 14 year old boy because of racism, they believe her because she’s an adult and he’s a teenager.

Then came the links.

Always with the links.

The head of the union showed up to defend one of his members from being attacked on the town’s digital public square, but people weren’t having any of that.


And finally there was this:

“We need to prioritize access to affordable housing.”

The argument is that property value in Milton prices out people of color, and black and brown people need affordable housing in order to add diversity to the community. But the people who complain about this can actually fix this by selling their house for half of what its worth to a black or brown family. That’s how you make housing more affordable – reduce the cost of your house.

But they’ll never do that because to do so would require personal sacrifice, whereas most of them are really just interested in digital virtue signaling.


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