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Wellesley High School Principal Condemns Football Players For Celebrating Win Over Needham Without Masks On One Week After Legalizing Segregation 


Wellesley vs. Needham is the oldest high school football rivalry in the country and it almost didn’t happen this year due to COVID overreaction. Luckily the kids got their shot this week as football is being played in the spring, and Wellesley molly whopped Needham 34-0.

Isn’t that great? Kids being kids. High school kids in particular have been robbed more than anyone due to the lockdowns, as they’ve had some of their most memorable life experiences stripped from them because middle aged Karens are afraid of a virus that poses no threat to children. As you can see in that picture many of the kids are not wearing masks, nor should they. Nevertheless, someone contacted WHS Principal Jamie Chisum who sent this email home to parents apologizing for it.

You know you’re living a sheltered and privileged life in one of the safest countries on earth when the biggest threat to your “safety” is coronavirus.

“This was an unsafe situation.”

Thousands of kids have gotten CTE from playing football. Thousands of kids have been paralyzed from playing football. An average of 14 kids die every year nationwide playing football. Wellesley allows their kids to participate in this sport, but they think it’s unsafe for these same kids to catch a virus that has not killed a single person under the age of 20 in Massachusetts. Because, science.

“Children not physically distancing or wearing masks”

Oh no, they weren’t socially distancing! Good thing they didn’t just play a game in which the rules dictate that they grab, touch, and tackle complete strangers. Someone could catch coronavirus! Luckily they smother themselves with cloth diapers, which magically stops the spread of infectious disease. The Red Chinese thought they could kill us all, but they didn’t think we’d figure out the COVID kryptonite – disposable paper masks.

Meanwhile, here’s a slide that the Wellesley Health Department recently showed at a webinar regarding COVID.

Total deaths of people under age 24 = 0.

Odds of someone in that picture catching coronavirus and dying = 0.0000000%.

We are being governed by idiots.

Instead of worrying about kids at Wellesley High School catching COVID, perhaps Jamie Chisum should be more concerned that his school essentially legalized segregation two weeks ago by banning white students from attending support groups, calling it “affinity spaces” instead of Jim Crow.

The racism and segregation being pushed by the WPS is far more dangerous than COVID. Quite frankly I’m shocked they let black and white kids even play on the same team.


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